Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas card maker

it's been a christmas card & envelope making factory on my bedroom floor for the past week. i've been making cards for the exchange i'm participating in. i got all the cards in the mail yesterday, so you fellow card makers will be getting them soon!
today i am off with petunia to the renegade craft fair! i'm so excited.

p.s. mel stringer is offering a free paper ornament on her blog! go check it out : )
p.p.s. cakies is having a neat vintage givaway!

linda: thanks! isn't it amazing? well i learned step by step from this blog. it took a while to make, but i think it's worth it. all you need is a thick magazine/catalogue & patience!
natalie: there should be more vintage finds this winter break!
shelbyisms.: : )
amy: yup! thanks again amy!!
dandelionkisses: hehe. you should make a tree too! for your room : )
pauline: no worries! aww. i'm so glad the diy kit got to you safely & that you liked it! ohhh & isn't broken english so good? mmm i think i want to see it again now... : )
brynna: good! make a tree & then post about it!
mckenzie mullen: haha! oh wow! how nice : ) it must have taken them a long time. because i was surprised how long it took to make my tree.
one of us: awww thank you for the sweet comment! & yay!! i'm so happy. you made my day : )
naomuack: hello! why thank you very much! i love the beatles : )
brit: oh thanks! at first, i wasn't going to get it. but my mom talked me into buying it. haha she's a great thrifting partner : )


  1. Oh man, all of your cards look so wonderful! Mine aren't handmade or anything so they're kind of lame in comparison, but still... Amy's Christmas exchange was a grand idea!

  2. Oooh Lina, your cards are so great!
    As always of course :) Aw, you guys have fun at the craft fair! I wish I could join you.
    And as to your comment....Haha! I literally laughed out loud, you're so funny!
    You make me sound so amazing or something :P
    Crazy girl.

  3. These are really good.

    I hope you are having great holidays too! I am now going to eat pepparkakor and drink mulled wine, have a lovely night. Emma x

  4. Those are so pretty :)
    I'll be checking my box later in the week. Mine have been sent out as well.

  5. Oh I love your pretty envelopes!

    Going to bed on time... I'm not good in it... :) If I could I would sleep until noon as well. But with my exams coming soon I need to get up at 7AM to go to the library! Waaaay too early!

    I am reading the book "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami. So far I'm really enjoying it!

    Have a nice week!