Friday, March 30, 2012

the walls of my new room

i'm renting a room from a house now. miguel bought me little clothespins & i made my walls smile : )

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mini trip with the boyfriend

 we had a nice time. here are a few photos : )

 miguel checking out the soaps at anthropologie.
 miguel was excited about his new swiss army knife :D

breakfast the next morning from the bagel bakery was so tasty!

 breakfast on the road home.

silly photos on the way back home. i like him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mini trip

leaving early tomorrow morning for a mini trip with the boyfriend :D super excited. photos to come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

new room

i've been quite busy lately! i just finished moving out of my apartment & into a rented room from a house. moving at all is a bit stressful, not to mention moving mid-semester! but now i am on my spring break & miguel & i are planning a mini adventure trip this week : ) i'm super excited.

this photo is from my new room. i'll be posting photos of it soon, but this is just a sneak peek. (see the instant photos on the wall? : ) ) & i look like a silly goose in this photo, but i like it still because it shows how happy i am.

lina in europe part 12: first sights of paris

 near the middle of my trip, nicola & i packed our bags & took the eurostar for five days in paris! we used air bnb & rented a room in a flat. if you are ever traveling & want to experience somewhere more like a local (& stay at an amazing place!) i would recommend using air bnb. also if you do, email me & i can send you info (i get credit if you sign up through me!).

when we arrived & after finding our flat, we stopped at a nearby cafe to relax & enjoy that we were actually in paris.

 since we arrived in the afternoon, we didn't want any of the day to go to waste! so we planned out what lines to take on the metro to get to the eiffel tower & headed out on the treasure hunt. when we got to the eiffel tower, it was  a m a z i n g !  i have rarely experienced such a rush like i did when i saw it light up at night. it was brilliant.

we then wondered the streets of paris, going to the little shops & grabbed a bite to eat at a small italian restaurant.

Monday, March 12, 2012

wild park animals

last time miguel & i went on a walk in the park, we met this cute kitty cat. it was soooo friendly! it was puring like crazy & even started to climb & lay on my legs! haha. i liked it.
my boyfriend loves squirrels. a lot. he is the squirrel whisperer. everytime we go to the park, he always tries to get as close as he can to them. it's cute : ) can you see the squirrel in this photo?
i've been quite busy lately! first of all, i'm moving this week. (so if you have my address, email me to make sure you have the right one if you are going to send anything!) also, a lot of school & thesis stuff to work on & fun times with miguel : ) last night miguel & i watched like crazy. i liked parts of it, but it made me sad a lot of the time! did you get to see it? what did you think of it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

we have so much fun together

 here is the castle that miguel bought for felix! felix really likes it. sadly felix has been sick with fin rot :( i have started giving him medicine, so hopefully he will get better soon. it is said that it takes a while for bettas to recover from fin rot. i'm sure the castle from miguel has made him happier, as he likes to lay inside of it now : ) boyfriend is super cute. & i'm not just saying that because i think he is amazing & am dating him. i'm saying that because...well here is a short conversation we had & you will see why:

miguel: babe, we need to go to a craft store soon.
me: what? ...why?
miguel: because! we need to go & get some art & craft supplies so we can make a project together. i want to build something with you!
me: .... (blink)
me: awww!!! ok :D

isn't he the cutest? anyways, so a few days later we headed to the craft store (or two...) & wandered the aisles for something we could do. we decided on painting wood with lyrics from a song that means something to both of us. you will see the end result soon hopefully!

 on crafting day, he brought me some swedish fish - because i'm part swedish!

also, i like to take photos of him trying on things in urban outfitters - looking like a model! haha. oh dear...i'm silly.

he likes that i blog & calls me his blogger girlfriend : ) & i think he is use to me taking photos of everything (like food before he eats, or any little thing that happens). he also reads my blog & likes when i mention him. i like him ; )

Friday, March 2, 2012

lina in europe part 11: the food of england

everything i ate, i liked...a lot : )