Monday, October 29, 2012

lunch, thrifting, & costumes

october is almost over! crazy how fast time goes. i've been super busy working two jobs. but i've had some time to squeeze in for myself too : ) i had a nice & spontaneous lunch with the lovely lizzie. don't you just love her hair?? we went thrifting & i found two blue glass bottles for 75 cents each. i loved the color & i knew that miguel would like them too (his favorite color is blue). i got them with future home decorating in mind ;) i told them about them & he wants each of us to keep one.
the wedding i went to was quite lovely. below is what i wore. a floral vintage dress & j crew cardigan with a sweater clip i made. at the wedding, they had an awesome photobooth set up! my mom & i took photos. it gave me the idea to create a few photobooths at the party i'm planning for my twenty-fifth birthday next month! i'm really excited about it. diy!
miguel & i were invited to a costume party my friend was having last weekend. after working all day, miguel drove the hour to my house & surprised me to go to the party together! what a sweetheart. we dressed up as a 1950s couple. me in my vintage dress & him in his white t & black jacket & jeans. we had a wonderful time.
i'll leave you with this rather long trailer of this movie that looks really interesting! i kept seeing the short trailer on tv & thought it looked worth checking out, but didn't really get what it was about. after watching this trailer though, i definitely want to see it. take 6 minutes, & watch this spectacular trailer. after watching it, i was wanting more.

Friday, October 19, 2012

non sequitur october

 so, the last time i blogged was way too long ago & i've seriously missed this part of my life. i've been ridiculously busy lately & this post will show only some of what i've been up to. since i'm lazy & tired (& feeling a tad under the weather) the following will be a bit out of order & a bit long.

this october has been quite a nice one. i've spent time with miguel as often as i could throughout the first half of the month because i knew that i wouldn't be able to the last half as i am substituting as a tutor for a friend who is getting married this sunday. very excited for the wedding : )

these first photos are from the pumpkin patch miguel & i went to. honestly we only went to take photos...haha. we only stayed about 5 minutes, but i love how the photos turned out.

 earlier this month i went on a lovely picnic with melissa. we made cheese sandwiches & melissa baked chocolate chip cookies. we ate on a vintage quilt & used vintage plates. we ate at my favorite park that has a beautiful white gazebo & is on an island. we had a fabulous time with our fuji instax cameras!

 i even drove my family's giant truck for the first time. i was a bit scared! but i felt really empowered when driving it!
 one time when miguel & i were shopping at h&m, we were taking advantage of the full length mirrors & taking photos together like sillies. he bought this blazer. i think he looks amazing! as dillon would say, "so dapper" ;)

 so, mayte (from the blogger family!) was going to be in my neighborhood this month, so miguel & i drove to the city to meet her for dinner. it was so nice to see her again! i was super excited & honestly a tad bit nervous. we had a nice time with good food. (later that evening was awful - next time we are taking public transportation into the city).
anyways, love his face here...


what's not shown in the photos is that:
  • i finally got hired! i work for the university of california as a set (science engineering & technology) program representative. i feel all important & grown-up with this new spiffy job title. hehe. i even have my own mailslot in the office.
  • i've been getting caught up with the walking dead girls
  • i've added the fault in our stars to my ipod & listen to it on my morning walks. so many of you have read it & love john green, that i've decided to give it a go. i've never read anything from him before. i'm on chapter 18. 
  • between my two jobs, it's been really hard to find time to work on my thesis. this is not good... :(
  • also because of my two jobs, i won't be able to go visit miguel until november...which is also not good... 
  • november, please be less demanding of me! it's gonna be my birthday month!!