Monday, January 31, 2011

trip to the post office

i'm going to the post office today to mail this stack of letters, postcards, & packages. some of you will be seeing something in the mail shortly!
oh! i have a question: do you like that i reply to your comments? do you read them? haha just curious : )
i spent the entire day doing homework yesterday & little boy kept me company : )this is just a few photos of the wall behind my bed in the room i rent. see one of wendy's dreamcatchers hanging? i love it : )


natalie: yes! i saw one that was in the shape of a panda face once. so cute. i video chat with my cousin wendy a lot & she always shows me her latest buys & such : )

shelbyisms: haha thanks! oh that's so true! skyping is definitely helpful for long-distance relationships i'm sure.

k: hello! food on blogs always makes me hungry too!

inside the cabinet of wonder: i wish you a lovely lazy sunday sometime soon too. & for some reason, bento boxes remind me of something you would have hehe : )

Sunday, January 30, 2011


i bought my first bento box! i had been oohing & awing over how cute they were after visiting an asian market with my mom two weeks ago & i finally decided to buy one! i used it to pack my lunch for the first time at school last week. i really loved it! & it's so cute : )masala burgers & biryani with raisins & carrots = yumm.

i just finished skyping my parents : ) skype is so helpful when you live away from those you love. now i am going to spend the day reading my pages & pages of homework & listening to the rain outside. i'll probably drink some tea too. yes, that sounds good : )

happy sunday!


alexia: aww i'm so happy that i made your day! making your day made my day : ) & i'm in love with my vintage cardigan too.

petunia: hehe : ) thanks! just sewing up little things when i need them reminds me of you!

hellomissa: yes! i totally agree. i have so many cardigans too. every time i go thirfting, it seems i end up getting a new cardigan. hehe.

amy: yes yes! ugh. i'm on my third permit. i got my first one at 15. & i still do not drive. in all honesty i just really don't like to. aahhhh life.

natalie: yes, i am quite lucky to be living in a relatively large city where my bus stop is just down the street. i am glad that you point this out to me because i have never really thought about it that way before. thanks : )

lauren: hello! yes yes, i love to layer my clothes too. & i actually kind of don't like summer at all. but i love love winter! i love to were comfy cozy layers : )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i finally gave in & bought the fjallraven backpack i've had my eye on for about two years. i found this new one on e-bay, so it was a little bit cheaper. it came in the mail on the first day of school this semester (monday), so i wore it to celebrate going back. it's completely amazing & so worth the money. i really love it : )i decided i needed a pencil case for school, so i sewed this one last saturday using a vintage zipper from my collection & retro-replica fabric. i think it's quite cute.

on my last coffee shop outing, i stopped by my favorite vintage clothing shop & bought this top for five bucks. i like it because it's nice & long. (i fail at outfit posts! haha.)shauna & stephen from something's hiding in here were featured in martha stewart's magazine! i was so excited for them, so i bought a copy of the magazine. (i do not support martha stewart, so this was a rare exception so i can support bloggers.)i was given an award from missa!! thank you! it's the versatile blogger award & i have to tell 7 things about myself. so here it goes:
1. when i say "i know you," what i mean is "i love you"
2. i want to make a zine
3. i'm twenty-three & don't have a driver's licence, ergo i take public transportation everywhere
4. cottage cheese loaf is my favorite comfort food dish
5. i don't drink
6. i absolutely love getting mail. i literally run to the mail box if i see that the mailperson has gone by
7. this is my favorite song at the moment

i tag the following people who i am replying to!


shelbyisms: awww : ) thanks shelby. i think everyone should make those little cards & leave them for people.

hellomissa: you would take a photo next to it! haha. & i bought the vintage lace seam binding at the thrift store, but you can buy it at hancocks i believe. but it won't be vintage. i may have some extra, but i think i sold it all.

dandelionkisses: yes! make some kindness cards! it's kind of awesome - like you are on a secret mission of kindness. lol.

brynna: it was a "me" day for sure. i need more of those i think.

sarah~mechelle: haha yes! first step is to find "your" coffee shop. & you simply must find somewhere you can get white mochas! they are kind of the coffee with the most calories, but they are so good!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

good days

reply to last commenters: hello everyone. thank you so much for all your thoughts & prayers for me & my family : ) there were some tough moments, but your comments were comforting. what awesome readers you are!! thank you my blogger friends. the funeral has passed & now i have some time to get back to blogging & reading your blogs too.

i returned back to my place i am renting to get ready for the new semester of grad school. on sunday i spent the whole day wondering around downtown. i took the light rail & was on a mission to find a nice coffee shop to sit at & work on homework (yes, i already had homework before the first day of class!). i passed two other promising coffee shops on the way to the one i looked up online, so those will be next on my list. (sorry these photos aren't the greatest. they were taken with my phone.)
i left a kindness card that petunia gave to me at my table for the waiter to find : )i discovered this little encouraging message on the side of a parking machine on my walk : )after a white mocha, i stopped at the park i passed on the way to the coffee shop & crocheted a little. (i just started crocheting! i'm trying to make a patchwork throw).then i went home & redboxed the social network. oh man, good movie! i recommend it. it's kind of an intense & emotional. at least it was for sunday was a really good day. & monday was not too bad either. i've been having quite a few good days lately. makes me happy. hope you are having good days too : )

replies to blackbird fly & bell & howell post:

natalie: thanks! the last two photos have my room window at my parents house. love that window. & the black cat (alice) is my sister's.

brit, alexia, & amy: thank you ladies!!

allison: thank you allison! & you are welcome for the link : ) i always think of you when i see sofia : )

hat: i'm so glad you have a tumblr now! & i know what you mean about school. hope the band is going good!

inside the cabinet of wonder: thanks nicola : ) that made me happy. haha the fourth photo makes me laugh! i'm so silly sometimes hehe.

shelbyisms: they are kind of virgin suicides, aren't they?? haha nice. & i am so happy you received & liked the maps! i hope you use them for new creations : )

Monday, January 17, 2011


i was named after her, my grandma. she died last night at 93. i was at the hospital all weekend. it was pretty tough. especially at the very end. i left about twenty minutes before she passed away. my mom called me when i was on the road home & when i finally got home, i sat on the floor with my back against the wall & just cried & cried. i don't cry often, but when i do, i really cry. i'm just glad i was in the house by myself.
my grandmother was such a character! she was full of spunk & was quite mischievous. she really had a sweet tooth too. whenever we had cookies or doughnuts in the house, she would always want "one more" : ) & she loved loved ice cream.
she was a rosie the riveter building planes during WWI. later, in 1950, she started working at the palace hotel in san francisco in the laundry room. she met my grandfather, who was a bellhop at the hotel. two years later they got married : ) i always thought that was cute.
now, i am helping my mom with funeral plans & post-death coordinations. there is so much to go over & do. it's pretty overwhelming & i am trying to help her where i can. & everything to do with the funeral - burial, tombstone, casket, flowers, reception, food, viewing, etc. - is so expensive! ugh. like we need that stress right now.
anyways, sorry this post is kind of longer than usual. i just thought i needed it & i needed to vent a little. thanks for listening : )
p.s. replies coming in next post.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blackbird fly & bell & howell

i got some film developed yesterday from my blackbird fly (top square) & my bell & howell (bottom rectangle) plastic cameras. i really like the results!

after a suggestion from a blogger (i can't remember who it was! if it was you, please let me know so i can link & thank you!), i am currently watching ramen girl while still being sick on the couch. (thanks for your well wishes!)

not too much else going on right now...just ordering school books online & writing in my moleskine...

p.s. check out this awesome giveaway!!


to everyone: thank you so much for thinking & praying for my grandmother. the truth is that she is very old (93) & her time may be coming very soon. i just want everything to go smoothly & her to be comfortable. thank you again!

amy: i've been drinking multiple cups of tea a day! & after watching ramen girl i have a feeling that i'm gonna want some ramen : )

brit: i really love my thrift finds too. i hope i can make the totes before i go back to school!

natalie: hehe nice! & yes! 11:11 on 11.11.11 is gonna be crazy!! i can only imagine.

dandelionkisses: haha! oh wendy. you crack me up. always. yeah i saw going the distance on friday (when did you see it??). it was pretty good. it was cute. & had it's funny moments, although i think they could have done more with it. what did you think?

allison: thank you allison! : )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

many different things

it's been too long since i last posted! i am sorry for that. i have a cold today. sneezing, headaches, runny nose, stuffiness - the whole shebang. i've spent the day on the couch, covered in blankets, drinking tea, listening to pandora & reading the historian with the cat on my lap & watching city island. not a bad movie! worth a check out : )
anyways, the photo is of my cellphone today at 11:11am when there were all ones in the date - wooo hooo! lol.
so the mini getaway with my sister was good : ) very relaxing. we actually stayed in most of the time all cozy in bed watching movies (vampires suck, scott pilgrim vs. the world, the book of eli, going the distance)....yeah. oh & we got tattoos from the quarter machine & made rice crispy treats from marshmallows & frosty flakes from the dollar store. oh yes, big spenders here! hehe.
once we returned home, i was greeted by wendy bearing gifts:
isn't it cute?? she said she saw it & thought of me : )
she rocks. i mean, look at her! well, she came to visit our grandmother in the hospital. she's not doing so well... : ( keep her in your prayers!backing up a little to christmas - petunia gave me the most adorable little gifts! she crocheted a yellow bow hair clip (isn't it so cute?!), & gave me bird tape & a zine (with a game). the zine is from this awesome site that encourages kindness : )also, backing up to when i last went thrifting - here is what i found: a vintage suitcase for more mini getaways, a fish bowl for felix (or maybe a new goldfish?? : )), a large vintage dress to alter for myself, & two tote bags to sew pockets on. many new projects to keep me busy!one last thing! i added more new things to my shop!! including cute plastic dinosaurs : )
whew! that was a long post. sorry about that! but now i get to look at all of your blogs! i haven't in a while now...


van: hello! going traveling on the train is always fun. there are many beautiful sights you get to see : )

amy: thanks amy! oh & that movie looks good huh? neat little fact about my big fat greek wedding!

natalie: hehe thanks & we did.

dandelionkisses: we love you! you know where we went : ) "keira & carey! what more could you ask for?" - my thoughts exactly!

pauline: oh good! i'm glad it made it to you. you are welcome! & yes, i did make it myself. you know what? she kind of does! well, at least how my sister looks in that photo. because we were talking about that photo of her (my sister) after we took it & thought that it didn't look like her (my sister). oh & thank you (i'm blushing : )).

charlie love: thanks!! we did : )

sarah~mechelle: that's so true! sisters are the best : ) my housemate had the maps in her garage for a long time & gave them to me after she saw some of the envelopes i made with them.

inside the cabinet of wonder: yes get some of the film nicola! i'm so glad they are doing it. & i can't wait for the colored film this year! i LOVE maggie, & like keira : ) but i've never heard of the guy....

the kate: hello! the impossible project packaging is so creative! art in itself.

christine: hello! oh yes - a lot of people are waiting to see the movie until after the book. that's smart i think : )

sarah: yes it is so expensive! i'm very thankful to the impossible project, because i would have given up on polaroid too.

alexia: get some too!! it's not that expensive from the impossible project! : )

carissa: hello! ohhh : ) thanks. i must say, i was a little bashful when i saw that you made a comment on that post. hehe.

clark: why, thank you! i just love my blackbird fly : )

Thursday, January 6, 2011

away we go

my sister & i are on a train right now, leaving for a weekend getaway! it's going to be a fun little trip with just me & her : )

before we left, i was able to put a few things in my shop. vintage maps & vintage zippers. have a look!replies: (coming soon!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

blow away fog

i used my new polaroid film from the impossible project for the first time. each package has a different darkslide which is kind of neat. in the photo above, the polaroid isn't developed all the way yet. the film is only in the silver shade right now, but this year they are starting a color line! at only $23 for eight photos, it's not that bad of a price compared to what film from polaroid is going for now on ebay. crazy expensive!

i've been hearing a lot about the movie never let me go lately & i want to see it! carey mulligan is in it & i love her.


petunia: :D hehe. thanks & best to you too!!

allison: happy new year allison! : ) & thanks for the encouragement hehe.

linda: oh really? hehe : ) us & our similar movie tastes :D

sarah~mechelle: hello! watch it!! it's a definite must. & tell me how you like it : ) it's the little moments that stay with you the most!

inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh nicola! :)) haha! thanks! i know, it would be great to hear your voice too! oh & wendy said the exact same thing about the second photo with my camera! hehe.

natalie: awww thanks!! & yeah, i know what you mean about seeing bloggers that way. it feels like you know them from reading all of their thoughts, & when you actually see & hear or meet them it's so neat!

amy: hehe. making videos is kind of fun i've noticed. i've never tried it before! oh i know what you mean about reading the book first! yes, read it if you have been wanting to first! & yes! vegetarian moments in movies always crack me up. lol. & that is very interesting what you said about the greek community. i know hollywood tends to blow things out of proportion, but it seems they were right on in this case : )

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 day one

hello new year! i'm ready for amazing things this year. so ready.
i went to an island with a park & a pretty white gazebo with blue stairs & i went exploring with my blackbird fly. it was a fun day & super cold! great way to start the new year. & now i have these two silly videos to share with you...i've never done anything like this before, but they are of me & i'm a little shy about this & it's kind of corny, but i decided to post them anyway, even if they are both bloopers... (wow, run-on sentence much?? haha.)
attempt one:

attempt two:

well, now you know how i sound & how silly i am in front of the camera (well, kind of anytime really...). i hope it doesn't scare you off! : )
now i am going to curl up in bed & watch everything is illuminated. such a good movie! & if you haven't seen it, i recommend it! this scene is a classic reaction to vegetarianism : ) gets me laughing everytime!

natalie: i don't really like new year resolutions, & i guess this list was my own equivalent of it. even though i had been creating the list before even thinking about 2011 : ) i'm glad you like it!
brit: thank you! oooo those are good ones. i'm liking your list too : )
my-my: hiii! i didn't realize you had a blog again. it seemed at some point i lost your blog or something. but yes, that really is a good one. i actually got it from pastor's sermon during thanksgiving. i really liked that sermon. i would love to see your list if you post it : )
dandelionkisses: awww thanks wendy! well, not really - i only watched like one episode because it was on "on demand".