Monday, October 31, 2011

terribly happy

after reading taza's collection of lists of things that make people terribly happy, i decided to make my own list of ten things.

what makes you terribly happy?

1. watching pride & prejudice (2005) 

2. getting letters & packages in the mail

3. small, usually unnoticed beauties in nature

4. eating my mom's cottage cheese loaf

5. random acts of kindness

6. discovering a beautiful song

7. thrifting finds

8. spending time with my family (& friends)

9. "knowing" people

10. working on my creative projects

what makes you terribly happy?? leave you answers in the comments or blog your own & leave me a link! i'd love to read the lists.


brynna: i'm glad someone else knows what i mean about having your own kitchen! : )

linda: aww thanks linda! i really love it too.

allison: haha yes good plan. i should try to take photos when my sister is around to take them for me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


 i baked some tasty bread pudding the other day. i love having my own kitchen & my own oven that i can make whatever i want in. not that i couldn't at my parent's, but it just seems different.

when i was visiting my parent's last weekend, my mom & i went thrifting! i hadn't gone thrifting in so long. i found this cute 90s dress with pockets. i took out the shoulder pads (because my shoulders are already really broad hehe) & added a belt & i loved the outcome.

 i really need to improve at taking outfit posts...haha. it just wasn't working for me. sorry it looks so blurry, i couldn't get in the view of the camera fast enough!

i also taught my arts & crafts class this past weekend & we followed kaylah's sweater clip tutorial where you use vintage clip-on earrings & necklace chains to make sweater clips. the girls had so much fun making theirs.
 i made one too! i love mine : )

maggie shirley: it does! i'm sad though because i can't find a theater nearby that is showing it tomorrow :/

nicola: yes i did send you something! haha finally. the letter is short, but i didn't have much time. hope it gets to you soon!

lauren: hello! wow! your house must smell so good with all that baking!

bookish.spazz: the trailer really makes it look so good doesn't it?? after you see it, someone from mix tape should do a review!!

deni: hello! & thank you so much : )

emma: hello! no worries! i'm excited to see what tips you send me : )

nicole: hello! i'm so lucky that my grandmother saved such treasures.

Monday, October 17, 2011

tell me everything that happened, tell me everything you saw

so, i first saw the trailer for this movie when i was watching 50/50 & i fell in love with it (the trailer at least!). after 50/50 finished, i completely forgot the name for this movie & was searching for it for a few days until i found it yesterday. crazy love with anton yelchin & felicity jones. love them both & can't wait to see them together in this film later this month. 

i made banana bread mini muffins last night around 10pm. i wanted to take photos & couldn't find my camera anywhere! : ( i hope i find it soon. otherwise this blog will be lacking in photos...
anyways, i wanted to share the recipe for the muffins. i only had one banana to use, & most recipes call for at least three bananas. i finally found this recipe that only needed one banana. the muffins turned out great & were tasty for breakfast this morning : )

ok, so now i'm going to finish up the first chapter of my thesis & turn it in today. yikes. wish me luck!


jane hyunjoo lee: awww. ok, when you see it, let me know what you think! & the sandals are quite summery! i got them on clearance, so i think they were trying to get rid of their summer clothes, etc. but that was fine by me - more sales!

sarah~mechelle: no worries! i was going to write you, but i decided to wait for the letter : ) i hope all is well with you! & make sure you get a strawberry plant that actually gives strawberries, because one time i had one that gave no fruit!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

plants & packages

so i finally wrote a letter to nicola & put a package together for her...she's been waiting since may....oops : ( sorry nicola! i also got a little cute letter from amy! i love the stationary she used.

these photos below are of my little plant garden on my apartment's patio. the first photo is of nasturtiums that were started from seeds! look how big they are getting : ) the second photo is of my strawberry plant & lavender plants. & you get to see my new sandals from urban outfitters : )

today was a lovely lazy day that i desperately needed. tonight my sister & i are going out to dinner & shopping. it should be good.
also, i have recently downloaded the app shazam & have been using it to find neat music for a music exchange i am participating in with some bloggers. love that app! so hopefully i will send someone some awesome music : )


bookish.spazz: hello! hehe i will! for sure : )

natalie: i know! can hardly believe it myself. & i know what you mean about life being too busy. just remember to take some "you" time!

brynna: i was waiting forever to see 50/50 too & have been very busy as well. but the day it came out, i skipped writing a paper to go see it. bad at the time, but well worth it in the long run : )

amy: i am so happy to hear that your friend it going to be ok! that must have been such a relief. & meeting nicola is going to be crazy cool!

sarah~mechelle: we need some more posts from you! : ) miss you in the blogosphere. adventures will be happen!

lauren: hello! i think it is so neat that you & amy have known each other & can just go to the movies together!

jade: hello! & thank you!!

jane hyunjoo lee: hello! oh, joseph gordon levitt is one of my favorite actors too! as soon as you get back from korea (if they don't have 50/50 there) you must see the movie!

maggie shirley: wow! study abroad in london?!? so cool! i hope you can! & then you can meet nicola too : )

Sunday, October 9, 2011

believe it

1, 2
life has been so ridiculously crazy. but then again, if it wasn't, it wouldn't be life, right?
i finally took photos of my apartment. but my phone is being mean & won't send them to my email. ergo no photos yet. :/
& my first chapter of my thesis is due in a week - very scary stuff! (seriously! i am basically writing a book about a project/study that i am doing all on my own. wow.)
& i really can't wait to tell you about it. but it must be a secret for now!
but i do have a happy tidbit of news...

i bought a plane ticket to london!! two whole weeks. i am so stoked. i almost can't believe it is happening. i have been planning & dreaming & wanting to go to europe since forever. it will be this january (cold! but that's ok : )) i am meeting up with nicola who has so graciously offered to take me around her land! also, we are planning to make a tiny trip to paris too!!
so, i need your help! for those of you who live in england or paris (or have travelled there!), do you have any tips, recommendations, or things i absolutely must do/see?? please let me know : ) who knows, maybe you may even want to show us around your town yourself!

also, another tidbit of news: you really need to see 50/50. i personally loved it & am planning to own it as soon as it gets released. i have had many close ones pass away from cancer & it is just the right enough of rawness, realness, & comedy (which you definitely need when dealing). 
alright, i think that's it for now. be sure to leave any trip suggestions in the comments!!


mackensie perry: totally agree with you!

nicola: you definitely must see wild target. you will love it! 

natalie, shelbyisms, & amy : thank you ladies!! : )

mieke willems: haha yes : ) travelling will never be the same.

brynna: thank you darling! wild target is definitely a "laugh out loud" movie : )

liska cole: yes i do! my sister & i just got an apartment there about a month or so ago. we will definitely try out that indian place. although, since my sister just got back from a summer in india, she is a little tired of indian food : )

carissa clark: yes i've seen never let me go! beautiful colors. & i think you've been blogging more than me now! haha.

pierre: hello! & why thank you : )