Sunday, May 31, 2009

boys & girls

i went to the library the other day to pick up the rest of the books from tokyo boys & girls manga series. i am almost finished with them. they make me laugh & are quite entertaining.
i might be going out thrifting later on today! it will be a great day.

becky: oh:] she does have a pretty big personality! mickey & jubilee can be buddies:D
maçã: that's ok! & thank a bunch for the award!! it is a really nice award & has a nice little message:] makes me feel all happy inside. i'll post about it in my next post because i have to think who i will give it to...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

this is how i am

i saved these photos on my computer a while ago & thought i'd share them today. (mostly because i wasn't sure what else to blog about...). they are taken by chloé richard. she seems to be able to capture people in their element. i like them.
in other news, maximus my fish has sadly departed:( i think the move back home was too much for him. it was a long drive.
alexa: i thought you would like it! can't wait to see it.
xavia: you know what? i don't know! the old owners named her. but i didn't know about jubilee from x-men. i am really glad you shared about her! now i'm excited:D
allison: thanks:] she is pretty cute. oh! molly was yours too? how cool is that? hehe.
inside the cabinet of wonder: :D hehe. thanks for sharing quinto:] thanks so much for the link to your show! i really liked exploring it!
dandelionkisses: yes you must visit!! she is a good excuse to come:]
mandy: haha yeah! she is like that! thank you:]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

meet jubilee

i didn't want to say anything until it was official, but my family got a new puppy! it was a hard secret to keep:] her name is jubilee & she is an eighteen month old purebred bichon frisé.

silly me

amongst all the travel, graduations, and parties the past week & weekend i forgot i got another award!! this is a happy childhood award from xavia of ashes on snow. thanks xavia! it is part of a tag as well where you are to show photos of childhood memories.

some of my childhood memories consist of the following (all photos from google image search): star trek the next generation, music on cassette tapes, jellies, visiting lots of museums with my mom, catching bugs, mister roger's neighborhood, american girls (molly was my favorite), taking photos with my first camera which was exactly like the one below.

this was a fun one:] now i tag & award inside the cabinet of wonder, an apple named mary, strumpet's crumpets, angelica s-j, & pop elegantiarum.

brinja: oh yay! well, you can post about it, give it to other bloggers, & even copy & paste it to your blog. all of that is if you want to :) it's really up to you! i can't believe how close i was either! it was my first time seeing a bear in the wild!

xavia: i can't believe i forgot! ugh. & i am always so excited when i get tagged or awarded! don't forget i tagged you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm back!

tahoe was very relaxing & very beautiful. there was beaches, forest, lake, casinos, buffets, & shopping. i enjoyed a cup of tea every morning in our condo.we saw a black bear roaming around the forest! it was hard to take a photo of it. this is the best one:/ we ate at this fabulous place called sprouts natural foods cafe. i had a hummus & couscous burrito with corn tortilla soup. delicious!they had smoothies too that came in cups that were made from corn! how cool is that? at the restaurant, we started a conversation with a man who was the father of adam lambert's makeup artist on american idol! he told us the behind-the-scenes info on adam's makeup:] pretty neat!

on other news....i got an award! this cute award is from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder:] it is for the blogger who you would want to have lemonade with right now. i give this award to raindrops on roses, it tickles in my tummy, & brinja. brinja: thank you dear! enjoy the photos:]

dandelionkisses: hehe.

miriam: hello! i actually have two! i love them. they are so much fun. you should definitely invest in getting a polaroid!

inside the cabinet of wonder: thank you nicola!! i love it. it's adorable. hehe. you should post photos of the last uni day!

mandy: ooo! get one! they are super fun.

Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm still here

whew! i have been so busy lately! one thing after another: finals week, my sister graduating from college, camping for the weekend, graduation parties, & now off to tahoe for vacation. i am pretty sure i will get internet connection in tahoe, so i will be blogging from there during the week.
during finals week abbie came to visit me at my university for a few days! it was super fun & a needed break from studying. we went to the park to chill where we took polaroids, burnt incense, & read. it was fabulous.we also went thrifting were i found a nylon magazine where zooey deschanel was on the cover from 2003! she looks so much younger!

scott: yeah, i have a pretty awesome cousin:]

patricia: welcome!

maçã: i know! i love old photos. yes!! i can't wait either! ohh, i wish it would just start now! :D

dandelionkisses: they are the best surprise ever!! you are amazing! everyone is jealous of my cousin haha. they want you to be there cousin too!

perfectly placed pauline: thank you! & hope you had fun with the tag:] i loved reading about it.

jane: your welcome my dear!

yet: hello! oh, i thought the same thing! haha. that would be very interesting!

gracia: hello! i feel the same way:]

alexa: hello! isn't it a wonderful thing to collect? making their stories is a big part of the fun.

xavia: thank you!! oh i love tags! this one looks fun:]

Monday, May 18, 2009

i collect photographs of strangers

my cousin wendy sent me a little package filled with old photographs of people! i love buying them at antique shops. it's fun to look at them & wonder what these peoples lives where like. this is what the note she sent with them said:
beloved cousin! i found these in a thrift store up here in sonora. i thought you might like them :D
love, wendy
p.s. my fave is the girl on the ladder
thanks wendy!! my favorite is the couple in front of their car:]

melissa: oh.... hahaha!! yes! i am, are you?

allison: good! oh yes, i am so glad i found it! it has been a lifesaver while studying for finals.

xavia: can't wait to see yours!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i tag you

i will turn in my 5 current obsessions post into a tag & tag the following bloggers:
ashes on snow
a drawing journal
perfectly placed pauline
inside the cabinet of wonder
looking through mauve-colored glasses
delicate daydreams
patty cakes
it tickles in my tummy

have fun & tag others!

current obsessions!

i've been finding many things lately that i am really liking at the moment!
1. pandora internet radio
2. hobo international handbags

morgan $264

3. mieke willems & their blog 4. gibbous fashions 5. this guy

ok, i guess that's it for now:] enjoy my discoveries!

allison: aw. haha. thanks, i felt like a little kid:D
abbie: you always make my day:] i wore the one with the colorful skirt to church yesterday!
kayleigh: oh she is the best pen buddy! the things she sends me always make me smile! who cares if it says "happy birthday"! people might just treat you extra special :P
melissa: :D thanks! .... for some reason... mariel?? haha.
maria: it really was. & just perfect:]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

hello my name is lina

i got a package from nicola today! it was filled with all sorts of goodies, even a red party hat! hehe. & she made me a badge that says "hello my name is lina" :D thanks nicola!
srg85: oh boy! too bad:/ my starbucks is just around the corner of my block. but i don't go there too often... i like to support local coffee shops:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: aww. poor thing! everything will work out beautifully, i'm sure of it:] as you can see i got your package!! eeek! haha. i thought you would like those animal crackers.
patricia: aw haha. cute:] & you are so welcome!
xavia: yes, & i am so ready for a break! wow july!?? yuck! ohhh...i haven't mailed it yet...sorry, i was planning on mailing it after finals are over, which is in a week. hope that's fine!
dandelionkisses: wait - what's the difference?? i thought they were the same thing! haha.

Friday, May 15, 2009

ok ok

aahhhh.... i am done with my stressful week at school. i had two big term papers due. now i feel exhausted. next week is finals & then i am done!

i bought some animal crackers this week at the market. i never ate them as a kid. so now i'm making up for lost crackers...?
this morning my friend jonathan dropped by some baked goods from starbucks where he works:] they were a yummy breakfast. thanks jonathan! today my mama & i are going clothes shopping together. it's going to be a great day.
maçã: thank you my dear! i needed that:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: aahh! thanks:o) ooo! a package! yay :D i know what you mean about being busy!! but it's almost all over!

Monday, May 11, 2009

i need a hug

this is going to be a long week.

photo that doesn't really go with this post but is nice is from here

mary: thank you! you write so nicely:] i like it.
dandelionkisses: i got her a set of burgundy oven mitts because her other ones just got burned up! you are not the worst gift giver at all! you really think about what the person would like to have, it's really personal. don't worry, you can always give her a rain check. you should take her out on a thrifting spree & pay for stuff she finds! hehe. & yes anthro tissue paper!
patricia: ooo! what kind of perfume? maybe you should get her ones that would grow again so she can enjoy them year after year:]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

give mom a hug today

photo of illustration from book little house of your own.
have you wished mom a happy mother's day yet?
these are the bunches of roses we are giving out to the mothers in the family. they smell super good.
this is my mother's day gift to my mommy:]
we went out to breakfast & i colored in my moleskine with the crayons at the table for kids :Ddandelionkisses: no i haven't seen it & i don't want to...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

when she will marry me outside with the willow trees

photos from the rachel & joe's wedding:
they married under the willow trees! perfect.joe, when he saw rachel coming down the isle.they had cute salt & pepper shakers for cake toppers:]

xavia: yeah, i like it. i wish i had old time videos of my family. & yes i did get your e-mail! sorry i didn't reply:/ you'll be getting them in a little:o)

perfectly placed pauline: really?! :D i love them. yeah it turned out to be perfect because they actually were married under the willows:] i'm glad you understand about the cranes. yes, finals are the same as far as i know. eek. thanks for the best wishes, i'll need it!

patricia: ahh. ok:]