Friday, May 15, 2009

ok ok

aahhhh.... i am done with my stressful week at school. i had two big term papers due. now i feel exhausted. next week is finals & then i am done!

i bought some animal crackers this week at the market. i never ate them as a kid. so now i'm making up for lost crackers...?
this morning my friend jonathan dropped by some baked goods from starbucks where he works:] they were a yummy breakfast. thanks jonathan! today my mama & i are going clothes shopping together. it's going to be a great day.
maçã: thank you my dear! i needed that:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: aahh! thanks:o) ooo! a package! yay :D i know what you mean about being busy!! but it's almost all over!


  1. I wanna have a friend working at Starbucks, too!!! That looks to good to be true! Here in Denmark the only Starbucks is at the Copenhagen airport - a bit too far away to pick up a daily Vanilla Frappuccino =(

  2. ahhh stressed!! i know how you feel. i have spent 2 days cleaning my floor for my exhibition space...and i will need to go in tomorrow (which is a saturday!!!) to finish the floor, then painting, and then trying to put my work in the space...aaaah. lol
    i sent your package the other day, so hopefully it will be with you very soon!!!
    ah animal crackers!!! i always wanted them..because on tv shows and movies..i am a loser!! hehe.
    oh and thank you for my hug! it was great!
    keep smiling my dear!

  3. those animal crackers are so, so cute- i am literally cooing at the screen.

    and thankyou for linking me, you are loverly.


  4. done so early??
    uni doesn't finnish till july here :/
    still haven't recieved your letter, i'm pretty sure it's in my neighbour's mail box but i can't ask her to check...i guess i'll have to wait till she finds it and brings it

  5. YUM Starbucks goodies! I love animal crackers, but I like the cookies better :)

  6. i love animal crackers. and the dresses you bought with your mama when you went shopping. and mostly you.