Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sponsor me!

i'm preparing to ride in a bike-a-thon! my old scouting group is having their yearly bike-a-thon & i'm going to ride in it. i'm pretty excited becuase riding in it is a part of my list of 25 things to do before i turn 26 : ) 

this past saturday, i rode five miles. my butt hurt so much afterwards though & still is a little sore! the bike-a-thon is april 7, so i have less than two weeks to prepare. i am getting sponsors & i already have five! would you like to sponsor me? it can be a per mile donation or a flat rate donation.

per mile means that each mile i ride i get a certain amount per mile. so, if i am getting sponsored $1 per mile & i rode ten miles, i would be getting $10. flat rate means that no matter how many miles i ride, i still get the same amount. so if i am sponsored $10 flat & ride 15 miles, i would be getting $10. i hope that makes sense.

anyways, if you would like to sponsor me, that's great! you can make a flat rate donation now by clicking the "donate" button & paying through paypal or if you would like to sponsor me per mile, you can wait until after the bike-a-thon to see how many miles i ride.

the minimum flat rate donation is $5 & the minimum per mile donation is $1. if you decide to sponsor me per mile, you must commit in the comments before april 7, as i have to turn in the total number of sponsors i have. the money i raise will be going to the church scouting group that i used to be in when i was younger : )
any questions, just ask in the comments!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a day at the zoo

miguel & i went to the zoo last week : ) it was so fun! miguel was really excited hehe. 
 the red panda was really cute, but i didn't get a really good photo of it...
 the red panda exhibit was nicely decorated.

 miguel was being silly ;) trying to hold the lion's head.
 miguel bought us dip & dots. it was so good! i forgot how much i liked dip & dots...

 miguel spent about an hour at the gift shop, trying to find the perfect gifts for his nieces & little brother ;) so cute!
 miguel & i have decided to take advantage of the city where we both go to school & go to the different museums, art galleries, & other places the city offers. the zoo was our first stop!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

shelby & sam in the city

miguel & i got to spend a day with shelby & sam during their vacation here in the golden state! we wondered into a bakery & many many different shops. we took photobooth photos & had good food with good company. i had a delicious feta & tomato on olive ciabatta bread. it was amazing. miguel got his sweet potato fries, which he loves, & actually went out bought honey mustard at a grocery store to have with his fries. i was impressed at the dedication. hehe. shelby & sam enjoyed their burgers & fries while i took not so flattering photos of them eating. ergo non of those photos are here ;) we took bart around town & went exploring through the city. it was a great day & ended too soon...

Saturday, March 16, 2013


the first day of spring is almost here. while my favorite season is fall followed by winter, i've always loved how green & new spring is. cardigan weather is here!

i haven't blogged in over a month. mostly because my life has been one whirlwind after another.

my thesis is slowly coming along. i have one more chapter to write & then i have revisions to make to the entire thing, which could take a while. formatting appointments begin in the beginning of april & then it is due by may 11 in the afternoon. everything is just going so fast.

my mother found out she had skin cancer in late january. to be honest, i was scared. but this month, i went with her to her surgery to have it removed & they were able to get it all out! i'm so happy about it : ) remember to always use broad spectrum sunscreen!

i've been sick a lot lately & i think it's because i've been stressed :/ at least miguel comes to see me & make me feel better.

i've been such a bad pen pal! & i'm sorry to all of you that i owe letters & packages to!!

tomorrow, miguel & i are spending the day with shelby & sam in the city : )