Wednesday, March 31, 2010

crafting & new buys

i've been buying a lot of things while on spring break. it's not the best thing becuase i'm spending too much money! but at least i'm getting good prices : )
the best price i think i have gotten is for the blackbird fly i got from urban outfitters. it was on clearance because one of the parts was broken (the part was not really needed) & the lens cap was missing. it works perfectly fine though! the blackbird usually goes for $125, but i got it for $29.99! i'm so excited. it's such a neat camera. wendy & i used it for the first time today!
i bought a tape writer $4.99, books $0.50 each, anthropologie coin purse $9.99, uo bowls $1.99 each, & antrhopologie plates $3.99 each. my mom surprised me with the owl door knocker : )
wendy & i had a crafting day yesterday. we both had tote bags we got at a thrift store for $0.50. we then sewed pockets on them to hide the print that we didnt' want. i think they truned out really cute!
(photo credit wendy)

spring break food

i feel like i've been eating too much this break! but the food is really, really good : )
mediterranean food, blueberry coffee cake with perfect strawberries, & indian food.
sorry, no replies!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

relaxing saturday

yesterday was relaxing. we visited my friend's new house. she had a tree swing! it was really cute. we made vegan peanut butter cookies. they were so good!
it was earth hour last night from 8:30 to 9:30. many people around the world turned off their lights for that one hour last night. a group of my friends had an earth hour party in the dark. great fun!
i'm super excited for the new movie your highness coming in october with zooey deschanel & james franco : ) they finally have a photo up for it at imdb.

i received an award from jennifer of make tea & not war! thanks jennifer! it made me smile.
allison: yes i'm thinking of having a murdur mystery party some time. it looks like it would be a blast!
dhu: oh really? nice! we should both host a murder soon hehe. why thank you! aha i am so flattered.
tiffany: oh yes i will definitely post about bow making if i do end up making some : ) & i am so down for a music swap!
pauline: i know! i was looking through the booklet & it has all kinds of recipes & stuff. looks real fun.
with love, jamie: awe. thanks! : ) i'm really happy with my music too.

p.s. i'm using the new posting editor & i can't seem to find any spell i'm sorry if things are spelt wrong!! i'm really not the best at spelling....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the city with wendy

wendy & i went to the city to go thrifting. first we ate lunch at a vegan (because wendy is vegan & i am vegetarian!) asian restaurant. we ordered so much food & we took home about half of it for later. for dessert, i had fresh mango & sticky rice. it was amazing!this is what i bought: a handmade in spain blue bottle made of recycled glass $0.99, anansi boys by neil gaiman $1.49, & how to host a murder game $1.99. replies:

jordan williams: woa she does!! haha. i never thought of that before.

tiffany: i know, i want some like them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break begins with wendy

my cousin wendy is here! she arrived yesterday at my university & will be staying with me for the ten days of my spring break! i had the greatest time showing her all around my campus. (photo credit: wendy)
when we had lunch, wendy had sushi that came in the cutest little tray. (photo credit: wendy)
she came bearing gifts of candy. i thought this one was really cute: "hello bee bee." & i liked the packaging of the other one.when we both arrived home, i had a package waiting for me from mieke willems! i had ordered a little something because i wanted to have something from them before they closed shop. thank you ladies!wendy had the cutest socks on last night. glasses! i loved them : )
so far it has been a perfect way to start my spring break!replies:
dandelionkisses: sorry they weren't there when you came! i'm happy you're here now : )
inside the cabinet of wonder & amy: thanks friends : )
brit: yes! i love how my campus looks right now & also in fall it's really beautiful. i am studying sociology & i love it : ) coffee sounds great!! just let me know for sure.
lis/lily: hello! thank you! wow that is so strange about the apple tree. i hope for lovely blossoms to make you smile in london soon!
jennifer: thank you! & i am having super fun as you can see : )
dhu: you know what! i don't know the little prince story! i know i know. i really must read it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

school days

1. the cherry trees are blossoming everywhere on campus! they are so pretty.

2. before the sun fully rises on the way to school.

3. the rainbow building where all of the art majors go to class. also where i go for my first class.

4. catching the sunrise on the train.

my cousin wendy will be coming to stay with me for a little. i'm excited! we are going to have fun during spring break which starts this friday for me!


dandelionkisses: aaahhhh i need to get on top of writing people back!

hearblack.: yes : ) thanks again!

brit: oh isn't their blog neat?! if you do go to the bridge, let me know! we should meet up!

amy & jennifer: yay for mail!

inside the cabinet of wonder: you bet i enjoyed it! i'll be writing back soon : )

with love, jamie: hello! thank you very much : ) i'm trying to add some more fawns soon.

-alaina: hello! awww. does it? so cute! i was just at your blog & i saw you posted it before too : )

jessica: yay for moleskine virgins! hehe. i always just take it around with me wherever i go & add whatever i want to it. a neat quote, a scrap of paper, a secret note, the bus schedule, anything!

Monday, March 22, 2010

packages & letters

i know i've said it before, but getting things in the mail is the best!nate & katie sent me a beautiful package of a journal book, a note card with a feather drawn by katie (you can get the same kind in their etsy shop), & a photograph. thank you!!i got one of nicola's famous packages in the mail with all sorts of goodies & art. eee! thank you thank you : )& a little note of encouragement from lulu : ) thanks!


dandelionkisses: he does! but he's different at the same time. fun times are definitely ahead of us!! i'm so excited!

dhu: yeah that's so true. haha, but sometimes i feel silly : )

cookie cutter: what a good excuse visitors are (haha)!

tiffany: it was a perfect day to visit. usually it's pretty foggy.

micaela: hello! aww you make me blush. thanks! i'll be checking out your blog soon too! away we go has many amazing & tender scenes & hilarious ones too! it's a gem. oh & hello to maverick! bichons have so much personality : )

Sunday, March 21, 2010


cameron's brother alexson is visiting & we took him to see the golden gate on friday. it's fun when someone visits you & it's an excuse to go to all of the tourist places nearby : )after taking loads of photos of the bridge, the three of us had lunch at a nice little place on the wharf. my spinach salad was amazing & i think they both liked their burgers : ) i apologize for my lack of posting! i just got through a week of midterms & now that they are over, i should be posting more regularly. hello to all of the new followers & commenters(ors?)!


dhu: although it's spring & soup is mostly associated with winter/fall, you should enjoy some! (but then depending on where you may be going into fall right now!)

hat: i love lists too. i always have ongoing lists in my moleskine.

brit: i know! i'm so glad you posted it. have fun with the lists book : )

dandelionkisses: hehe! i knew you would like it! i thought of typing "wendy, you would like this one!" when i was describing it : )

brinja: it was delicious for sure!

missadoll: what a cute "undername" you have now! hehe. i'll have to add your blog to my list again : )

inna: hello! oh good i am so glad they got to you & that you like them!! what a neat art exchange : ) i'll be checking out your blog soon!

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh i shall show more moleskine photos i think. i like them too : )

amy: oh do get a moleskine! they are super. i love to write, doodle, paste things into, & do all sorts of things to mine. yes, you must! i think you will like the video.

sarah: ohhh! i always carry my moleskine in my bag/purse with me & add whatever i want to it. it is actually quite handy!

tiffany: hello! yes, please do print one out! have a good weekend too : ) i'll be checking out your blog soon :o]

jennifer: oh thank you!!! so nice of you dear :o)