Monday, March 15, 2010


as stated in my moleskine, i'm having vegetable soup for lunch today : ) it's cooking on the stove as i type. it smells so good & i want some now!
petunia gifted me with this cute little booklet of weekly lists. i love it. you can print out your own here & learn how to put it together here. i'll leave you with this adorable music video with bicycles, audrey tautou, & a scruffy-faced guy singing. what more could you ask for? brit posted about it originally & i thought it deserved another posting : )

allison: thanks! i was walking outside of her house & i thought "i really need to take a photo of this!"
dandelionkisses: they are so vibrant! ohhh i love fresh flowers : )
brit: haha yes it is a pretty big deal in america! i'm not sure what i will be doing yet though...
dhu: i know! moss looks practically magical. very intriguing : )
thy lady: it is mysterious! haha. thank you dear :o)
inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh! you are so sweet! fawns are pretty hard to find, surprisingly! & when i do find one, it is always really expensive! thanks for the good luck wishes : )


  1. mmm, soup. It's been too long since I've made myself some soup.
    That also looks like a wonderful little day planner type thing, it's very cute.

  2. Oh I love lists! Cute book

  3. I agree, it's such a cute video! :) It puts a smile on my face each time I watch it.

    The booklet of weekly lists is loading as I type, it looks cute! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Bicycles and a scruffy guy singing! Woo hoo! :D

  5. the booklet is so cute!

    and this is melissa (: i got your text message - no, i didn't delete my blog, i just changed my undername. i tend to do that often... i am so indecisive these days -___- haha. well anyway angelina, HAVE A GOOD DAY (:

  6. LOL! i meant to say username instead of UNDERname. :D

  7. hey, I just received today photos you sent me through art exchange. they are lovely! thank you so much!:)

  8. lovely picture of inside your moleskin, do show more. :)
    love the list! cute! :)

  9. i want a moleskin quite badly. the list booklet is so cool. haha i'm a tad ocd and list making is a favorite past-time of mine.
    oooh i can't turn my sound on just now, but i am definitely coming back to watch that video.

  10. Love your moleskin! I wish I had the patience to finish something like that. I can start but I end up giving up half way. haha.

  11. that is such a cute booklet! definitely going to print one out for myself.

    xo tiffany

    have a good weekend!!

  12. I gave you a blog award check it out at


  13. I bought my first moleskine notebook!
    lol and I have no idea what to do in it. ):

  14. Lina, I adore this video! It reminds me of summer and my sweetie!