Sunday, March 14, 2010

pretty plants

1. i love moss like this & there is a lot of it growing at my friend's home. it's so pretty!

2. my mom went shopping at the $1 store & bought me a pretty pink & green plant as a surprise : )

3. i woke up this morning to bright red peonies on my window. they are left over flowers from the engagement party i had at my home this weekend. you can see some of my new fawn collection i am starting down in the corner.

today i will be studying for my midterms this week. i'm a tad stressed about them! two more weeks until spring break. the count-down begins!


amy: grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits : )

jordanwilliams: of course! it was fun.

sarah: "beautifully whimsical" is a perfect way to describe the ring! fits nicely.

brit: i'm happy golden silvers brought a smile to your face : ) i really like them.

dhu: isn't magic touch amazing?! i was so impressed when i first saw it. i knew i had to share it!

hearblack.: i'm so glad you liked it!

schanett: hehe. yay i won!! i do feel pretty lucky : ) & thanks for the tips on the stamps!

dandelionkisses: oh that's right! i was there when you bought them! haha. yes! i would be so happy if you brought some if you come to visit! we have to work something out about that....i don't know what i'm doing yet...

cookie cutter: ohh haha that's not all i eat! i think i had a toasted bagel with the grapefruit that time : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: it looks like something you would like! : )

hiki: yes it is a lovely package! oh i love getting packages!

pauline: i know! i just love everything about them. i actually found them on someones tumblr. & then i knew i had to tell everyone about them : )


  1. The first picture looks so cool!

  2. Omigoodness! Those red peonies are gorgeous! I want some now, I've never seen red ones. I love the mossy bricks too!

  3. Jeeej spring break! Big thing here apparently... Lot's of luck with your midterms! I don't think I know anyone that collects fawns... I know people that collect skunks, owls, frogs, ladybugs, but not fawns! They're cute!

  4. Ohh, I really love these pictures. the picture of moss is probably my favourite, theres just something about moss that really intrigues me.

  5. Oh wowee ! I love the look of moss also, looks so mysterious & fun ! Hehe, those roses are blooming so beautifully, I love the feel to this post so free and pretty ! :)


  6. i love the first picture sooo much lina! amazing! :)
    i love your fawn collection, everytime i go out to cool junk shops and charity shops i am always out on the look for little fawns to add to your collection...sadly i have not been able to find any yet, but i will never give up!! :D
    good luck with your exams, be calm and cool and things will go well.

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Like your fawn collection :)