Thursday, August 25, 2011

little photos

these lazy kitties greet me each day & lay on the stairs to my apartment. they are so cute : )

i'm going to share with you a few random photos i've been taking with my phone. i will be showing you fuller photos of the apartment, but there are few things i have to fix before i show it to you.

i made some chipotle cornbread & used the potholders i made for the first time : )my wrinkled sheets & blankets on my new bed. i love the colors! (& all of them are vintage : ))the banana & grape smoothie i made & drank from a mason jar while sitting at my 1950s table & vintage flowery table cloth. (i love how i am trying to get a lot of vintage things!!)lunchtime at my 1970s coffee table with my vintage plate & glass & nicola's russian doll coasters : )i want to get these gnome salt & pepper shakers!! aren't they the best?oh & the first movie i watched in the new apartment was nowhere boy, a biopic of john lennon's adolescence & first band & the beginnings of the beatles : ) it was good & i liked it, although there were a few...awkward scenes... but of course i LOVED the retro feel to the whole movie : )my sister's birthday is tomorrow (the 28th). go say happy birthday to her!!


natalie: oh i wanted the iphone 4! but it was a bit too expensive for me to afford right now : ) & the pink & purple thing is nicola's coasters!

nicola: yay for your coasters!!! hehe : ) & i think it is the proper distance from my parents too!

amy: we should totally eat ramen together one day : )

naomemandeflores: hello! it definitely was yummy!

deni: hello! ooo! i'll have to check out your giveaway! thanks : )

chrischoice: hello! aww thanks : )

sarah~mechelle: i'm having a great time making the apartment my own!

rebekka seale: hello! oh my goodness how cute!! i am planning to get a kitten soon for my new apartment : )

little and big: hello! making the apartment a home is really fun! & i am so happy to hear from you : )

shelbyisms: hehe thanks shelby : )

chantilly: hello! thank you!! : )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From my inspire

Hello!! I am almost all settled in my new apartment. I am loving having my own place.

I am posting this from new phone! It's a smart phone & I've never had anything like it before. It's so fun! Haha. So, I will reply to comments on my next post, as I am still new to posting on from my phone... : )

The photos are of dinner last night. Ramen with broccoli & cauliflower. Yummm.

I hope you all have a victorious day!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

welcome home

well, my sister & i are officially renting our first apartment together!! we are almost done moving in. we are about an hour from our parent's house, so it is a little bit draining going back & forth for the move. but i am sooo excited!! i can't wait to get settled in & make the place look nice : ) photos soon! for those of you who write me, email me! i'll give you our new address : )
(i apologize for this blurry cellphone photo!)


amy: yes i do!! i'm excited for our crafting plans : )

brit: it was a horrible experience, but now we have an apartment we like. i also think that looking with my sister was a good move than having to look without her while she was in india.

natalie: hehe i love her red hair too : ) & the pizza is huge! & when i was younger, i didn't like pizza either! but now i love it : )

nicola: hehe moleskine planning! love it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crafty planning

this past weekend i went out for dinner with lizzie (don't you love her vampire red hair & little cute car stuff??) to plan our new year of arts & crafts classes. this is our first year working together on it & i think we have some really neat projects planned! we had a delicious dinner of pizza at her boyfriend's italian restaurant : )
i don't know if you can tell, but dylan (lizzie's bf) is busy folding napkins with flatware (& not looking like a creepy stranger smiling lol) ;)
after apartment shopping yesterday, i think i've found two good apartments! we are going back out today to finally decide on one. photos soon!


nicola: i AM soooo happy to have her back. & i can't wait to start the new year of living together in our very own apartment after two years of being apart while she was away at school : )

sarah~mechelle: i think you & nicola are both right. & i hope everything works out well!

dandelionkisses: lol!! yup. i love his facial hair!! haha. you will see it soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

she's home!

my sister is back from her long journey in india! i was so happy she crossed those rivers & roads to reach me. i was sooo happy to see her : ) she brought back all sorts of cool scarves & fabric & some neat things for me!! i am so happy to have her home again.

i had to add this cute photo of her boyfriend, sammy, busy making a "welcome home" poster to meet her at the airport with. he is too cute : )
well, i got some bad apartment news this weekend! while i was in the process of getting the apartment i found, someone snatched it up before me : ( i was even going through paperwork & they came with money wanting the same apartment. the apartment complex took them as renters with out even letting me know :/ so now i have to find another apartment! ugh. oh well, at least my sister is home so we can go apartment shopping together!


natalie: i know! i love them : ) hehe

nicola: i think so too! i've already started making more! YES. come stay with me!! no need to pay for a hotel!

k: they are really quite simple & easy once you get the hang of it! i love my japanese masking tape too : )

aren: i love being crafty, aren : )

dandelionkisses: i think i just might make a blanket!! can't wait to see you! maybe i can teach you how to make them!! hehe.

pauline: i knew you would like that i was making them!! you've inspired me to make them because of the ones you have sent me in the past : )

allison: i like the second one too, but i think i may go with the second...but it is a lot more expensive....hmmm...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

granny squares

so, this is what i was making in the last post! granny squares!! i love to make them now, they are actually pretty easy & very fun. i love the colors i chose to make these ones with. i made almost all of them in one evening : ) they aren't perfect, but i'm still learning. i learned from this guy's helpful videos. try making them yourself!! i'm not sure what i want to do with them yet. i can't decide if i want to keep making them & make a blanket or just leave them single for like coasters or something.

hope your saturday morning is lovely!


amy: oooo! free instruments would be cool! even if they were just used as art project pieces. what a neat idea amy : )

nicola: oh i've missed you! hehe. & YES!! come stay with me!! i will have to return the favor : ) & that was exactly what i was thinking about reusing things. makes me feel good.

make it easy: me too. i kind of wish i could find more vintage like fabric.... : )

natalie: i am SO excited about being able to decorate & make the apartment my new home!

brit: i think the first fabric is a winner : ) can't wait to get busy sewing!

sarah~mechelle: i'm excited about my new project (as you can see above!!) hehe : )

Friday, August 12, 2011


well, i am officially less busy now! i finished working at my summer job : ) it was actually a really neat job where i displayed & put together exhibits for art & other crafty things....kind of like an art gallery of sorts. but the event it was for is finally over & everything was taken down & returned to the crafters & artists.

the photo above is a neat thing i've been working on! it's a sneak peek, so more on that in another post : )

i found an apartment for my sister & myself! it's a two bedroom two bathroom for a really good price. i'm so happy & excited. now we basically are just waiting for the apartment to be ready to move in. i've been collecting free furniture from craigslist. at first i was a little wary that it would be sketchy people trying to get rid of junk, but it has turned out really really good! so far i brought a comfy chair, a entertainment station, & this large couch (see photo) to my parents house for storage until i move in!

the couch came with out the back cushions (those pillows aren't with it either, they are staying with my parents!) & i decided it would be a perfect project to work on before school started. so yesterday after picking up the couch, i went to the fabric store looking for fabric for two large pillows to sew (maybe using this tutorial from melanie : ) i wanted to find something that would match the wine colored comfy chair i picked up too. which fabric do you like more?
today i think i will go antiquing with my mom for a bit. hope your day is filled with a neat adventure!!


amy: i know, right?!? i really liked how it turned out.

dandelionkisses: i wish you could have gone too : ( you would have loved it.

natalie: it was perfect weather too! warm with a nice breeze : )

sarah~mechelle: i've missed reading your posts too! hopefully now i can get back to reading everything now. i can't wait to see your package!! yay!

nicola: i miss you!!!! yikes i've really got to get caught up with reading your blog nicola! oh i knew you would like those colored ice cream cones!! they are really something haha.

shelbyisms: no, you are rad : ) i think you could still plan some kind of cute thing for your one year!! but it will definitely need some thought & planning : )

hellomissa: i'm so glad you were there too. wasn't it adorable? like blogger kind of adorable, huh? hehe : )

Sunday, August 7, 2011

pretty party

these are photos of petunia's one year anniversary party. it was so cute!! i helped her with it & i think it turned out really good. everything looked so pretty : )

as you can probably tell, i've been super busy, ergo no posts! & i apologize for not looking at your blogs in a while! but soon things are going to be less busy : )


maggie shirley: i haven't read the book! but the people who have say that it is really good. & the trippy parts probably were a bit too long....

pauline: i've been watching quite a few movies lately actually...i should do some more of my thoughts on them : ) & all the borders are closing here too! so sad, but good closeout deals!

natalie: for me, i always love movies from books just because i am such a visual person that when i read a book, it always takes me forever to get through it because i am always playing a "mini movie" in my head about what is going on. so, when i watch the movies it makes it much easier for me haha : ) & yes, i really liked the main actress in it!

nicola: the moleskine is a city version! hehe. just preparing a little : )

sarah~mechelle: captain america was really good!! did you get to see it yet?? i loved it : ) except i was a little sad about the ending...

hellomissa: aww missa! hehe. i love times with my papi : ) & i got the movie from the library!

jessica: mmmm...i think i would have liked the time kept of the book better! with the rolls of film.

we blog artists: hello! welcome : ) it would be horrific for a parent to go through something like that. & some parts were definitely hard to watch! i hope you come back soon. love brinja's blog!