Saturday, August 20, 2011

welcome home

well, my sister & i are officially renting our first apartment together!! we are almost done moving in. we are about an hour from our parent's house, so it is a little bit draining going back & forth for the move. but i am sooo excited!! i can't wait to get settled in & make the place look nice : ) photos soon! for those of you who write me, email me! i'll give you our new address : )
(i apologize for this blurry cellphone photo!)


amy: yes i do!! i'm excited for our crafting plans : )

brit: it was a horrible experience, but now we have an apartment we like. i also think that looking with my sister was a good move than having to look without her while she was in india.

natalie: hehe i love her red hair too : ) & the pizza is huge! & when i was younger, i didn't like pizza either! but now i love it : )

nicola: hehe moleskine planning! love it.


  1. woo!!! congrats on your new apartment!!! :D
    an hour is a nice amount from your parents house. its not really close, and its not really far away. :)
    i cannot wait to see photos!!! :D:D

  2. Hurrah! Congratulations indeed! :) I definitely agree with Nicola... an hour's distance away is just right. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos too!

  3. So happy for you Lina! I'm sure your new home will look amazing once you've given it your touch.


  4. Eeek! I randomly came across your blog and had to comment because I just got a brand new kitten and her name is LINA!

  5. Have fun Lina, (oh, and hello : )
    Moving is tiring but decorating our own place it is sooo much fun. Will wait to see lovely pics from your new place.

  6. congrats!!! can't wait to see photos.
    and definitely send me the address so i can mail you packages :)

  7. congrats on your new apartment! super jealous! address, please :)