Tuesday, August 16, 2011

crafty planning

this past weekend i went out for dinner with lizzie (don't you love her vampire red hair & little cute car stuff??) to plan our new year of arts & crafts classes. this is our first year working together on it & i think we have some really neat projects planned! we had a delicious dinner of pizza at her boyfriend's italian restaurant : )
i don't know if you can tell, but dylan (lizzie's bf) is busy folding napkins with flatware (& not looking like a creepy stranger smiling lol) ;)
after apartment shopping yesterday, i think i've found two good apartments! we are going back out today to finally decide on one. photos soon!


nicola: i AM soooo happy to have her back. & i can't wait to start the new year of living together in our very own apartment after two years of being apart while she was away at school : )

sarah~mechelle: i think you & nicola are both right. & i hope everything works out well!

dandelionkisses: lol!! yup. i love his facial hair!! haha. you will see it soon!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of neat stuff planned for those classes! :)

    And, that veggie pizza looks AMAZING. (and i'm not a big pizza person)

  2. oh good, how annoying it must have been to find out that the apt had been rented out to other people! but getting to look together now with your sister must be fun as well! :-)

    totally digging her red hair!

  3. HER HAIR IS SO PRETTY. :D But oh my goodness, despite the fact that I don't even like pizza very much, that pizza looks so huge, and so delicious.... yum yum yum. Good luck with the apartment hunting! :)

  4. i love lizzie's hair! its beautiful! :D
    the pizza looks super-duper yummy! and i spy your moleskin<3

  5. gah, these pictures look like super-fun! congrats on getting your new apt :) x

  6. i totally love her hair!

    ps. Giveaway! Enter! If you want!