Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a few little things

it was such a nice day on monday. the clouds were so pretty & fluffy. today it is raining raining raining. but i don't mind because i like the rain! i like to sit & eat ice cream while i watch it rain (which i did today) & i like to go to sleep listening to the pitter patter the rain makes.

i used my little vintage tray that i bought in rye for the first time yesterday. i loved using it for my breakfast. i think it is so cute & reminds me of a bento box!

i've been in a asian mood lately...eating ramen, watching korean tv shows, & looking at photos of & reading about mori girls. do you like mori girls? i do : )

tonight, when miguel gets off of work, we are going shopping for a castle for felix (my betta)! it is on my list to buy him a castle. feels good to cross things off of that list!

lina in europe part 9: brighton

nicola & i met up with the lovely charlotte for a trip on the train to brighton for the day. it was such a fun adventure! brighton is a favorite place for me in england i think. i just like the feel of it.

we got to see a banksy original painted on the side of a bar. the two policemen kissing caused some trouble i suppose & had to be protected by a clear covering. see the smudges from people throwing things at it? not cool.
brighton has a ton of awesome shops & amazing restaurants & cafes! lots of unique items. we even made it to the famous snooper's paradise : )

i met a few more of nicola's friends in brighton! they were awesome ladies. we had such a nice time just roaming the city together, taking photos, finding treasures, and relaxing in a cafe. we even ate at an amazing vegetarian restaurant for lunch (i am told that there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants in brighton!!)

i met another blogger, mandy! she was wearing the neatest blue mascara.

we ended the day in a cute parisian cafe, said goodbye to the ladies we met in brighton, & nicola, charlotte, & i boarded the train back home. such an amazing day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

farmers market

 a couple of days ago, miguel & i woke up early to go to our local farmers market for some fruit & veggies (& he bought me some tulips!). we then headed over to our favorite european bakery for some breakfast. it was a perfect morning : )

today i baked a pie! one more thing to cross off of my list.

lina in europe part 8: sainsbury's

nicola's family took me to their supermarket, sainsbury's, a few times. it is more than a supermarket though. it sells, well basically everything. i loved their cute little metal baskets for shopping. i don't know about where you live, but where i live they are usually only plastic shopping baskets. i bought some branston pickle. i had some of it with cheese sandwiches at shop, drink & do & i loved it, so i bought two jars : )

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i got the cutest little package in the mail today! it was such a nice surprise from keetee. she has the cutest little shop too : ) thanks so much keetee!

this morning miguel & i went on one of our morning walks. he found this nice park that had a pond & bridges. it was very nice.

tonight miguel & i are making banana bread & watching new girl : )

lina in europe part 7: rye

nicola & i went on adventure with her parents to rye! it is a cute town with lots of little shops. everything was quite picturesque.

when we ate lunch, they had cute little letters for each table. we decided to use them to our advantage : )
we stumbled upon a nice little shop selling handmade, vintage, & arty items! lion street store was wonderful.

we took a break for some cream tea at swan cottage tea rooms. it was an adorable hidden away old house. so lovely!

nicola looks mega awesome drinking her tea while rocking her star trek tee : )