Wednesday, February 8, 2012

lina in europe part 3: morning, london, & tate

 nicola's kitchen was always so sunny & bright in the mornings. made me happy. she also had the cutest plates & bowls! look at that moomin one :) & i'm pretty sure that is a golden blowfish!

 there is nicola looking all cute in her bird dress & drinking that raspberry cranberry juice!
 one of the first things i saw when i arrived at her house was the wonderful welcoming sign that nicola made for me! i really loved it.
 mmm breakfast!

 we hopped on the train for basically all of our traveling through england!
 my first sights of england were quite lovely. the air was sharp & crisp : )

 the tate had lovely birch trees outside. i loved them. they reminded me of a white forest. birch trees are one of my favorite trees. & look at us, all ready to go exploring & on adventures : )
 we grabbed lunch at eat. & i loved the simplicity of it all.

 shopping was fun at covent garden. there was a band playing one of my favorite songs - pachelbel's cannon.

 lastly, i thought this was a cute window display : )

nicola: awww i love you too!

maggie shirley: i'm trying to show the details! it's tough though because there are so many!

ada beth croft: it is very very cool that we got to meet up. i feel very lucky!

natalie: i'm trying to recap well, natalie! thanks : ) & yes, meeting everyone is going to be beyond surreal!

dog walking frisco: hello! thank you :)

amy: i'm glad you are enjoying them! i'm trying my best to show it all.

jane hyunjoo lee: planning & writing things out is the best way! i watched the last two hp : )

mayte michelle: isn't the airplane food just adorable? i love it.


  1. lina! oh my sweetness!
    Thank you for posting some awesome pictures!!
    It's really sweet of Nicola that she put the banner saying "Welcome Lina"
    They played pachelbel's cannon at the mall?? that's super awesome!!!
    :D :D :D

  2. what a nice friend you have! seems like a perfect trip!

  3. aw, looks so lovely.
    feels like a billion years ago since you were here.

    these pictures are amazing. did you see some lovely art at the tate? i have not been in so long. nicola always has lovely foods and special drinks in her kitchen.
    the other day, we drank peach tea.

  4. The more you tell about your trip, the more I'm convinced I must travel!

    I love birch trees too, how all the knobbly bits turn silvery.

    You and Nicola look so cute in that photo together.

  5. Oooohhhh I love London!! Did you enjoy it? I also see that you went to Covent garden =p I love that place! .....and I share your love for birch trees! Looks like you two had a blast! x