Saturday, February 27, 2010

bicycle & basket

one thing i really want this spring is a bicycle with a basket, sort of like this one. i believe i found this old photograph when i was visiting wendy. it was a nice addition to my collection. i hope everyone has a nice weekend! i have to catch up on my olympic watching.


dandelionkisses: oh i loved where we went for the funeral. everywhere there were so many mustard flowers in bloom!

amy: woa! 5:30?? me-oh-my. let me know if you liked away we go!

jordan williams: no problem : )

sarah: hello! thank you : ) i rather liked how the post turned out too.

alaina: hello! oh yes, the young victoria looks super good! & i haven't seen mrs. palfrey at the claremont. thanks for the recommendation!

pauline: i was expecting away we go to be good, but not this amazing! & i was cracking up with maggie's part. she played it very well!

brit: oh you saw the young victoria?? nice! & i would love to participate in your art exchange! i'll e-mail you i suppose.

thy lady: thanks : ) i'm so glad you are back to blogging!

danica: aw. thank you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

away i go

well, i am so sorry i have not posted in a while! i guess i've just been pretty busy with ... well, life. this past weekend was pretty full with friend birthday dinners, bridal shows, & funerals. & school is starting to get much harder. i really need to buckle down so i do not catch senioritis!
in case you do not know, i take the train to my university twice a week. i decided to take some photos of an ordinary day on the train, traveling to school. i catch it at around 6:30 in the morning! i still do not know what compelled me to take such early morning classes.
i really want to see this movie! sooo much. oh & what albert says at the very end of the trailer! i just get chills : )i just saw away we go. i loved it! it's really so good & sweet. the two main actors are brilliant. such a lovely story. photo from here


allison: thanks! the first one of the city was pretty hard to take because we were driving on the bridge, entering the city & the timing had to be right because of the bridges cables were right in front of us! the night in chinatown was so pretty : )

dandelionkisses: ohhh! that job sounds perfect for you! & yes, next time you visit we should definitely go eat in chinatown. this place was all vegetarian!! woo hoo!

mika: hello! oh it is really a wonderful & diverse city. tons of places for inspiration :o)

linda: wow really?! but you know, i was in san francisco & not new york. but little italy in new york sounds wonderful!

cookie cutter: you are so very welcome! i love seeing photos of people out & about too :] it's perfect points of view.

perfectly placed pauline: yes yes i got your package! it was such a lovely surprise. thank you : )

mette/ungt blod: woo hoo!

brit: oh yes! i'm so happy. thank you!

jordan williams: sounds like a plan! i'll email you??

make it easy: hello! & thank you! i'm curious to which one was playing...?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i took a trip to chinatown for chinese new year & valentine's day this past sunday. it was really fun. i brought my diana camera along & took some photos. we shall see how they turn out! for dinner i ate at a vegetarian chinese restaurant. it was amazing! at night the streets looked so nice & lively! here are some photos of the day:


mette/ungt blog: yay!! thank you! it is an amaaazing feeling : )

brit: thanks!! aww. yes, i think we look like we are sisters, but she actually thinks we don't look like sisters at all!

amy: wooo hooo! happy chinese new year! too bad you missed your nearby festival, but there is always next year! & thanks for the congratulations : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh good! i'm so happy it cheers you up! i was feeling sad for you! haha yes guys....nothing toooo big....maybe i'll email you : ) hehe.

kait: the gift was brilliant! thanks again : ) & your words to me are so inspiring! "take the world by storm" made me all giddy :o)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy weekend

this weekend was full of good things! first my sister raquel came to visit. she & tristan just left this morning on a road trip. they packed a bunch of things to go on lots of picnics : )i'm going to miss her, but i'm glad she came for a little visit.before she left though, we went to see valentine's day in the theater with our guys. it was cute & i was laughing a lot.

by the way.... happy valentine's day!! i hope its fun & lovely.

the olympics started this weekend too!! i am such a big fan of the olympics. i'm so excited!

&& here is the BIG NEWS!


this morning i got a notification that i was accepted to the graduate program i applied to! i'm so happy! i'm going to celebrate chinatown to celebrate today!

happy year of the tiger everyone!


jennifer: i know. i absolutely love mail : )

dandelionkisses: hehe. i like how it looks too. & you sent just enough : )

amy: oh good!! yay. i'm so glad you like it!

Friday, February 12, 2010


i received three surprises this week. they all came in the mail. boy do i love getting mail! three lovely bloggers sent me fun-filled packages.pauline of perfectly placed pauline sent me this amazing package of granny squares, foreign stamps, & other crocheted things. i was so happy when i saw the lovely squares. thank you so much pauline!wendy of raindrops on roses sent me a letter with all kinds of goodies. handmade envelopes, artwork, & cupcake stickers were a few of the things included. i thought it was quite cute : ) thanks wendy!kait of wild tendency sent me a fantastic surprise! it was so thoughtful & i am so flattered. she handmade things especially for me & made it so personal. & it was so lovely wrapped! thank you kait : )

blogger friends are truly a gift. i am so honored to know you all, even if it is just through cyberspace : )


dandelionkisses: haha. you are so talented wendy : )

jessica: thank you! yes, you must take loads of photos in college!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

in the library

i'm sorry i haven't been posting! i guess i've just been pretty busy. school has been relatively simple, which is good.

these photos were taken in my university's library. i was studying there today. you can see my book bag in the second photo. it's from the fair trade store world of good.

i made two other blueberry recipes: vegan blueberry grunts & blueberry oat cookies. the blueberry grunts were really easy to make & pretty good! & the cookies were yummy & reminded me of oatmeal raisin cookies but with blueberries instead of raisins.

thanks to wendy for this lovely award!

i'll have a more interesting post soon! hopefully tomorrow. i got some surprises to show : )


amy: thanks again for steve : ) he's traveling around my room, trying to find the perfect place to call home. we both have a great love for zq :] oh but i do like milo too.... cute mom story!

nowhereinparticular: yes! super good.

dandelionkisses: they are amazing! hahaha your so funny wendy! oh yes, i thought you would be proud of me for doing them vegan : ) i'm glad you liked your package! i got yours yesterday! i'll be blogging about it tomorrow (part of the surprise!). you take the photos yourself?! wow! pretty awesome!

mette/ungt blod: oh no! well, you can just find your own blueberry muffin recipe that is just as good : )

cookie cutter: haha. they were pretty stomach-growling good!

my-my: they were super yummy. i love blogger friends!

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes, isn't he?! i love steve! oooo, what are rock cakes?? & don't worry about here--and--there, i need to do it too.... :o)

linda: hehe. me too!

tinypaperheart: hello! they really were!

penelope: ooo! blueberry bagels! i've never made any kind of bagel before. i should try it though! good idea, thanks : ) i would be flattered to receive mail from you! i guess i'll email you? or i'll comment with my email address...oh, we'll figure it out :o)

hearblack: they were definitely super good : )

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

blueberry muffins

something was wrong with my refrigerator a few days ago & the temperature went way up. a lot of the food went bad. the repair worker fixed it yesterday & now it works fine, but needless to say i have a large bag of blueberries that use to be frozen that aren't now & the need to be used soon! so, i made vegan (i had to through out the eggs too...) blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning. they were really good. i recommend the recipe. i'm looking for any other blueberry recipes because i still have quite a lot of blueberries left. if you happen to have one, i'd love to hear it!
i got two packages in the mail recently!! i know i've said it before, but having blogger friends is truly amazing : )
amy sent me a super cute "just because" package. there was a where the wild things are card, book mark, & a creature named steve! i love steve : ) he is so awesome. thank you so much for the surprise amy! i also got one of nicola's famous packages! so many odds & ends, i loved it! thank you so much nicola : )so, off to the post office goes my letters...i think i have more little packages to put together... : )


dandelionkisses: oh i thought you would : ) isn't it amazing? haha yea red! very beautiful! i'm so happy i was shown it.

kait: mmm :/ i'm sorry, but at least you don't have to put up with a crazy professor : ) thanks! you are so sweet. hehe.

amy: aww. i'm happy it made your day! things like that make me smile : )

cookie cutter: hello! i know! i love it too. & thanks!

mieke willems: i think so too : )