Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i took a trip to chinatown for chinese new year & valentine's day this past sunday. it was really fun. i brought my diana camera along & took some photos. we shall see how they turn out! for dinner i ate at a vegetarian chinese restaurant. it was amazing! at night the streets looked so nice & lively! here are some photos of the day:


mette/ungt blog: yay!! thank you! it is an amaaazing feeling : )

brit: thanks!! aww. yes, i think we look like we are sisters, but she actually thinks we don't look like sisters at all!

amy: wooo hooo! happy chinese new year! too bad you missed your nearby festival, but there is always next year! & thanks for the congratulations : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: ohhh good! i'm so happy it cheers you up! i was feeling sad for you! haha yes guys....nothing toooo big....maybe i'll email you : ) hehe.

kait: the gift was brilliant! thanks again : ) & your words to me are so inspiring! "take the world by storm" made me all giddy :o)


  1. The 1st picture of the city is really pretty!
    I also like the last couple of pictures at night.

  2. I am sooo steaming with jealousy right now. My life is so uneventful..But! I have a good feeling about this new job I'm going for, at "Nothing Bundt Cakes" Lets hope....Holy crap!! That food looks out of this world, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME!

  3. I wanna go there, see there so much inspiration going on. Mika (

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! We were in NY that very same day - but in Little Italy.......can't believe we missed that =((
    Fantastic pics!

  5. I love seeing pictures others take when they're out and about! Thanks for giving a glimpse of Chinatown over there!

  6. I love the lantern photos. Ah I'm so late with the blog reading! I just saw your post below! Yey you got my letter package :) I'm so glad it got to you in one piece. I'm so happy you like it too! :) Mail is the best.

  7. Hey Lina! you won! send me an email with your address!

  8. Just saw on Mette's blog that you won the giveaway! How coooool!! :) Congrats!

  9. Hey Lina I had an Idea and was wondering if you would to help, do you think you would like to do a guest post for my blog...

  10. i really enjoy the song on your page :-)