Wednesday, February 24, 2010

away i go

well, i am so sorry i have not posted in a while! i guess i've just been pretty busy with ... well, life. this past weekend was pretty full with friend birthday dinners, bridal shows, & funerals. & school is starting to get much harder. i really need to buckle down so i do not catch senioritis!
in case you do not know, i take the train to my university twice a week. i decided to take some photos of an ordinary day on the train, traveling to school. i catch it at around 6:30 in the morning! i still do not know what compelled me to take such early morning classes.
i really want to see this movie! sooo much. oh & what albert says at the very end of the trailer! i just get chills : )i just saw away we go. i loved it! it's really so good & sweet. the two main actors are brilliant. such a lovely story. photo from here


allison: thanks! the first one of the city was pretty hard to take because we were driving on the bridge, entering the city & the timing had to be right because of the bridges cables were right in front of us! the night in chinatown was so pretty : )

dandelionkisses: ohhh! that job sounds perfect for you! & yes, next time you visit we should definitely go eat in chinatown. this place was all vegetarian!! woo hoo!

mika: hello! oh it is really a wonderful & diverse city. tons of places for inspiration :o)

linda: wow really?! but you know, i was in san francisco & not new york. but little italy in new york sounds wonderful!

cookie cutter: you are so very welcome! i love seeing photos of people out & about too :] it's perfect points of view.

perfectly placed pauline: yes yes i got your package! it was such a lovely surprise. thank you : )

mette/ungt blod: woo hoo!

brit: oh yes! i'm so happy. thank you!

jordan williams: sounds like a plan! i'll email you??

make it easy: hello! & thank you! i'm curious to which one was playing...?


  1. LOVE the first picture :) The colors are so springy. Wow fancy words there ;P Jeez I would die if I had to catch such an early train. Nice pics though, they are so mysterious. Oh I want to see both of those movies! Eee! Lol.

  2. I don't know that I could get up that early. I used to get up around five-thirty for early morning classes, but since I stopped taking those I've fallen into the habit of not getting up 'til nine or ten.

    I got Away We Go at the library last night! I've not watched it yet, but I'm glad to hear you liked it. So far I've yet to hear anything bad about the movie. :)

  3. oh wow, i love this post!
    the photo of the train is pretty spectacular.

  4. I had never seen the trailer for The Young Victoria but it looks SO GOOD. Rupert Friend. =]]] He is also very good in Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. And Away We Go is such a sweet movie.

  5. Away we go is my favourite movie from 2009. I love it. What I love most is that I have never seen the two main actors do serious characters. I loved them. Did u like Maggie gyllenhall's character? The hippy mother? She's hilarious! I love the scene where she's talking about her hate for strollers " I feel like I'm pushing away my child" lol

    I actually quite like mornings. When I was in uni I picked morning classes because I wanted to get them out of the way. Really beautiful train photos :)

  6. I loved the movie away we go... Such beautiful characters. It;s a happy, feel good movie! Also loved the young victoria... It's such a sweet love story! You definitely must see it!

    In what state do you live if I might ask? That train station looks so cute! I love taking the train, it's just a time that you are left with your thoughts.

  7. Lol, yeah I am, you need to post more! I know, aww I'm so happy when people comment.

  8. Hey Lina, me again! :) I got this fun e-mail today. It's an art exchange. Would you be interested in participating? It comes down to making one piece of art and in return you get 36 pieces of art! Let me know!

  9. This is so beautiful! I love train rides :)

  10. i liked seeing your train ride. it's nice seeing through your eyes, lina :)

  11. lina, i just discovered your magical corner of the internet and i'm glad! as soon as i heard your music... well i just knew i was going to like you :)

    "away we go" -- i watched that a few weeks ago and thought it so endearing and great performances. like the sisters in the bathtub at the store? and their canadian friends-- the part where they're out at that bar and his wife gets on stage...

    great film.