Monday, August 20, 2012


i picked up this cute zine for $6 when i was shopping with nicola & miguel at needles & pens a few weeks ago. i only today got a chance to open it up & read most of it. it is called longview: the survival guide & was created by maria forde. it is rather adorable. maria interviewed fifteen folks from her grandmother's retirement home, wanting to find out how they lived a long life. it is really a beautiful zine & boasts lovely artwork as well. i recommend this charming zine for sure : )

Sunday, August 19, 2012

little bits & thrifting

 i went thrifting with my family when we were on vacation together recently. my dad bought a couple of plaid button-downs. i bought a book on succulents from the 70s for $1, a vintage dymo label maker for 50 cents, & two small metal zippers for 50 cents. i want to use the zippers when i sew a couple of little pouches. & i want to use the succulent book for when i start making terrariums. also i think the cover art is nice.

little bits:

  • i've been sick in bed for most of last week with a cold. i've been watching pretty little liars. i surprised my self by watching it because it's not really my thing, but it was on netflix & it is kind of addicting.. 
  • halfway through the week i had an allergic reaction to something i ate & broke out in hives. i've been taking benadryl for it, but the benadryl makes me super drowsy & i've been taking long naps during the day.
  • last night miguel came to visit me. i was so happy to see him because it had been about ten days since i saw him last. i really missed him. we played dutch blitz with my mom & uncle & then grabbed some taco bell (what miguel likes to call "authentic mexican food" ;)) & went to see the bourne legacy. it was a really nice night : )
  • i really want to get back into sending packages. i went on a little shopping spree, picking up a few items that i can send out. i love sending packages, but postage can be a bit much. so we shall see how it goes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

instagram 5

i took the train to stay with miguel for a few days. we planned a mini trip to a lake for a couple of days to celebrate our six months together : ) i found him the most perfect card at the craft renegade i went to with nicola a few weeks ago. he loves squirrels :D
we had a lovely time & even got free admission to a private beach! there were lots of food & laughs. we went to a farmers market & craft fair & also caught a movie (only $10 for both of us!). it was really nice & relaxing. i love taking trips with him.

when i came back from visiting miguel, my sister flew up for a week to visit! my family went "camping" this past weekend in little cabins & the area was really beautiful. raquel & my mom braved the river in the canoe.

i've been on so many trips lately & i've felt like i've been in a whirlwind. i think it took it's toll on my body & now i've been sick for the past few days :/ i feel mostly better but now i have a cough i can't get rid of & my nose won't stop running! if you know any remedies let me know! 
on the way back from camping with my family, we stopped at a raw foods place & my papi bought me a wheatgrass shot. i've never had one before & it was a tad yucky..haha. but it was supposed to help me to get better faster. it was definitely an adventure!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

the past two weeks...

 ....have been a surreal whirlwind. i met - actually met in person - some of the most lovely bloggers ever at the blog family meet-up in seattle. it was wonderful & so fun! we all had a blast & it turned out better than anyone could have hoped for. what everyone kept saying was that what was weird about meeting was that it wasn't weird at all. everyone clicked. i am so blessed to know such lovely people: amy, maggie, nicola, shelby, mayte, dillon, & natalie (in order, left to right, in next two photos). it's simply impossible to actually blog about the trip in a way that will give you the feel of it all, so i will simply leave you with a few photos : )

(last photo courtesy of maggie)
seattle was in the middle of the two week whirlwind. what started the two weeks was nicola! she came to visit me just like i visited her in january : ) we went to museums, art galleries, & tourist attractions. we looked at bridges, ate macaroons, & didn't get enough sleep. we crafted, we watched movies, & we traveled by ferry. we took multiple photobooth photos, browsed various comic book shops, & went thrifting for treasures. my parents & miguel were so great to accompany us around to many different places. we were busy, but we were happy! 

nicola left me on friday & i started to miss her the moment she started going through security to get on her plane. hopefully we will be able to see each other again next year!

as i am now missing everyone from seattle (nicola included), i am glad to seriously look forward to the mini trip miguel & i have planned in a few days to celebrate half a year of being together. favorite movies & lizzie's summer cd mix are on my packing list. i'm super excited to spend a few days with him : )