Saturday, January 31, 2009

new shoes

don't you just love good surprises? i say good surprises because there are some bad surprises out there. well, today my mom found two pairs of shoes she bought in the early 80s. they had been packed away who knows where. anyways, (here comes the surprise part) she gave them to me! i use to have fairly large sized feet (usa size 10 in women's), but over the past two years they seem to have been shrinking & are now about an usa 8 1/2 in women's, so now i can actually fit these shoes. that just made my day:]

i want this!

this amazing aquarium that i want (for now i'll just stick with my fish bowl) was discovered at the salvadoran restaurant where i had dinner with my parents. we all had bean & cheese papusas with curtido! they are my favorite.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

first aid kit

i just came across this adorable duo called first aid kit. born in 1990 & 1993, johanna & klara söderberg are sisters! aren't they darling?

pictures courtesy of google image search

on my way home

eating my lunch (celery sticks) at the bus stop. on my way home (parent's house) via the train for the weekend :]

violating norms

in my social psychology class, my professor showed us this video as an example of violating normal behavior in society. i was laughing so hard that my eyes were getting teary.

$1 paints

yesterday after class, i stopped of at the dollar store on the way home from school. i got cute lady's hankies for only 3/$1, paint with brushes, & glass pebbles for my soon to be fish's home.

i decided to try out my new paints.this is what i made:]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

small happenings

today is day 2 of the spring semester. most of my classes so far are pretty exciting. they are all sociology classes as that is my major:]

my mom went with me to move me back into my house. we stopped at a thrift store (she loves thrifting too!) i got a fish bowl for $0.99 & i am hoping to get a fish for it in my house! what should i call my new fish? i ride the bus everywhere i go because i don't drive. there are good things & bad things about riding the bus. i like that it is very eco-friendly & cheap (i ride for free with my student id). also i am a people watcher & the bus is the perfect place to do that. but on the other side, it takes twice as long to get anywheres & i don't like waiting around at transfer stations because the bus is usually late:[
last night i was woken up at 4 am by the sound of dripping water. i realized that my drinking water cup was tipped over & water was soaking the things on my nightstand! i rushed to get towels & dry everything up. some of my poor books got wet & i left them to dry on the heater vent after i opened up the pages.

i'll try to keep you posted on the next small happenings in my life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

moving back in

well, school starts back again tomorrow. eh. & today i'm taking the long trip back to the university & moving into my house again. i don't get internet where i live, so there will probably be less posts now. happy sunday:]

kong hee fatt choy!

happy chinese new year (actually on monday)! last night i celebrated the year of the ox at a friend's house. she had so many cute decorations around her home. some people even came dressed in traditional chinese garb. there was so much good food! & most of it was vegetarian (because i'm vegetarian:]). she had been cooking for the past two days! i even helped with the fresh spring rolls. it was a very fun evening & at the end of it i was so full! she had golden flatware!

Friday, January 23, 2009

candy shop

today we (these people & i) went to liled's ice cream shop & enjoyed all that it offers, ice cream & the cutest little things! pretty colors:]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

music & moleskines

i finally got a new record player to replace my broken one & just opened it. i've been listening to music on it all morning:] my earlier post on moleskine art inspired me to share with you some pages from my moleskine. it's not exactly meant to be art, just a collection of my thoughts (& other people's thoughts), little mementos, & things i don't want to forget (like lists of things i need to do for the day). enjoy the look into my paper thoughts:]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yesterday day tripper

here some pictures from a day trip my papi, sister, cousin, & i went on yesterday.

raquel & wendy

me, acting silly

wendy, looking like the model she is.