Monday, May 28, 2012

happy birthday

my love is 22 today! he is spending some days with his family for his birthday & he sent me this photo. he's wearing his new birthday shirt :D lookin' good!

i'm spending a few days at his place this week for some birthday celebrations of our own. treasure hunts ahead! hehe : )

happy birthday babe!

Friday, May 18, 2012

instagram 2

i am finished with the semester! turned in my last paper on monday & now i won't have to go to class or turn in another paper (except for my finished thesis). i celebrated by buying kinfolk magazine's reprint of vol. one! i've been wanting it since i first heard about the makings of kinfolk : ) i was getting pretty stressed out at one point of writing my paper & my eyes were hurting so i took out my contacts & wore my glasses for the rest of the day.

 my sister & i celebrated the end of the semester with a trip to a macaroons shop. they were quite tasty & reminded me of paris : )

i celebrated mother's day with a surprise visit from my mom! i took her to one of my new favorite places that serve organic & fairtrade food for dinner. it was delicious! i love my mom.
 my sister graduated again this year. this time she got her degree in women's studies! yay raquel!
i moved back to my parent's house this week. i really don't like moving. more like i really don't like leaving places. i am especially sad to leave the city that miguel lives in. now i am an hour away from him. but we both have upcoming plans together : )

instagram 1

Saturday, May 12, 2012


there are many things that make me happy, but what is making me happy today is:

1. my boyfriend. i am at his apartment right now, using his internet while he is at work. (my internet has been very bad lately which is why i have kind of been mia this month...). i left little surprise post-its around his apartment. i hope he finds them before he reads this post!

2. the fact that i have finished the first half of my thesis & turned it in last week. i had my thesis defense hearing yesterday in front of my committee & did very well : ) it is the one thing that i had been dreading ever since i had even thought about going to graduate school. now that it is over, i feel like i can do anything!

3. reading about lovers & their nests : )

painting sticks

 at the last arts & crafts class i taught, i had the girls paint sticks that my mother gathered on her morning walks & make mobiles with feathers & string. it looked like so much fun that i decided to make one my self : ) it is really a simple project & i would recommend you to try it out yourself!

Friday, May 11, 2012

the past week or so...

miguel & i had such a lovely time together with a picnic lunch after watching five year engagement (funny btw & cute : )) & playing tennis afterwards (or rather attempting to play tennis on my part).

my mother's birthday was on thursday & i went to visit her for it. we had a beautiful breakfast outside on the patio. i loved using my pretty plates for it. i think it turned out quite lovely.