Monday, May 31, 2010

from my bookshelf

i went away for the weekend. 'twas a nice little family getaway.

just the other day, i was putting some of my books back into a bookshelf of mine (i had to move the bookshelf) & i found these two neat, old books. one is heidi & the other is black beauty, both from 1955. the insides look so neat. it's such a nice surprise to find things you forgot you had : )

in other news, wendy has come to live with me for about a month to work in my town. i'm sure we will be having all kinds of adventures. also, my sister will be moving back home for the summer too in two weeks! looks like a fun summer.


inna: oh you should really get a sewing machine! it's a great investment. i never use to like sewing, but now, it's kind of growing on me. the sewing machine that i bought is a really simple one that was only $35. it's tiny & perfect for me.

petunia: oh i know! we really need to make a date of it & go thrifting. soon too! : )

brit: ooo thanks for the insight on the time traveler's wife. i just started it & already can tell i'm going to love it : )

amy: oh good! amelie is such a feel good movie. & i love it's quirkiness : ) thanks for the idea of the pouches! & i still haven't finished the prestige! i keep getting interrupted...but soon!

dandelionkisses: you can borrow it when i'm done, of course. since you are living with me now!

shelbyisms: so far, i've really enjoyed the time traveler's wife. it's really, really good! hehe. i love my thrift store & i really think it's like the best one ever.

reread: why thank you : ) that makes my day, for real. & tiersen's other work is just as good!

make it easy: thanks & it was my pleasure!

cookie cutter: haha i know what you mean. i always want to get more & new supplies when i already have plenty : )

Friday, May 28, 2010

thrifting finds & sewing projects

thanks for your sewing project ideas! i took an idea from amy & made little drawstring bags. i think they turned out cute : ) i'll be sending them out in packages to some of my blogger friends along with some paper squares & pockets i bought recently:i went thrifting yesterday. i bought quite a few things! there were bags of vintage zippers, trim, & lace. i bought them all ($4)! now i have so much. looks like more projects to work on!i bought some articles of clothing ($4.50) that i liked the patterns of. some of them were vintage too : ) i'm going to use them for sewing too!i also bought two carafes ($2.65) & the time traveler's wife ($1.50) (anyone read it? good?).lastly, i bought a brown bag ($4).

so excited with what i bought! & i'll be busy writing letters to some of you out there : )


dandelionkisses: i liked an education. reminded me of you & paris : ) hehe. your package does rock! i'm mailing yours soon.

-alaina: yes i think they are! my cousin (who sent the package), wendy, loves those candies.

yellowblue: good idea! i've done a few of those in the past. maybe i could somehow add more sewing to it.... : )

inna: thank you inna! : )

pauline: oh i like that ("you're allowed to be lazy")! i really think so too. oh my a dress pattern! ohhh i feel too novice for that...haha. but that website is really, really inspiring!! i love the idea of it. i may try it...soon : )

melly: definitely think that i (& others!) can use the drawstring bags i made : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: i will i will! :D

brit: oh i love carey mulligan too! i loved the scenery, props, & wardrobe in an education.

amy: thanks for the helpful idea! i'm in the middle of the prestige right now. i feel it's full of mystery!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

being lazy

i really want to do some sewing projects soon! but i can't decide what to create... any ideas??

graduation was amazing! it's really strange that i am finished. but i am straight off to grad school at the end of august, so it doesn't really feel like i am.
tori gave me this fawn as part of a graduation gift : ) i am so happy to have it. it is the new addition to my fawn collection!i've been pretty lazy the past few days. yesterday i spent most of the afternoon laying in my backyard on a quilt & reading looking for alaska. i fell asleep in the warm sun, so i didn't get very far in the book... :]

oh & that's the other thing, the weather has been really strange lately. for example, yesterday was nice & sunny. but then today it has been raining almost all day. raining! in may (almost june!)! crazy.i just picked up more movies from the library to see: an education, how to be, the prestige, and lost in austen. can't wait to see them!

i got a package in the mail from wendy! she sent me some cute bunting socks, stickers, candy, photos, & art. she drew my sister & i. i think it really looks like us! haha. & the photos were of me when i was a baby with my parents. cute stuff. thanks wendy!to everyone: thanks for the flattering comments on the photos! elizabeth is a great photographer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

senior photos

my good friend elizabeth took a photoshoot of me for my graduation invitations (each invitation included one of the five photos). i was a little shy to share them on here...but i will because i think she did a nice job : ) she is trying to start her own photography business & add to her portfolio. so, i volunteered for her to add to her repertoire.


jordan m. williams: woa! thats so cool. i'll be sure to let you know. & i'll check out the vlog. thanks!

inside the cabinet of wonder: :D thanks nicola!

pauline: yes! thanks : ) hehe. you should buy a copy of the zine! & my papi is definitely a wonder :]

hat: haha. ahh yes, new moon...but i loved the native boys : )

dandelionkisses: haha. yes! it actually caught my attention because it had your name! lol. & i'll tell you about new moon this weekend!

amy: for sure! yes they are, i'm sure it's going to be good. i think it's going to be called "famous last words"

jessica: i'm excited to read it : )

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


these pretty roses were from my father to keep me happy while i was typing my last paper : )

i turned in my last paper at my professor's office yesterday. it was a big relief & i actually jumped in victory in the hallway when i was leaving the building. haha. tad crazy.

now that i am finished with all of the school stuff, i have time to do the things i like that i haven't been able to, like have a warm cooked breakfast:or go to the library & stash up on movies! i just watched paper heart (very cute), wendy & lucy, & new moon (finally saw it...!). next on the list is bright star, bbc's persuasion, & the ugly truth. i also borrowed the book looking for alaska because i've heard it's good & a movie is in the works for it.

i also want to get back to making things! i will use my new zine arts & crafts revolution for projects : ) i love that zine! you can get your own here for only $4. today i am going dress shopping for an outfit for my graduation on saturday. exciting!

to everyone: thank you so much for all of the congratulations & well wishes! they really helped me through my last few days of paper writing. you are amazing!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i'm here

good morning! or afternoon...or evening... : )

i'm still here! i apologize for not blogging for the past two weeks. those past two weeks have been a whirlwind. i have been finishing up projects, papers, & tests, for the end of school. i have been very, very busy. i only have ONE more paper left to write & then i will be graduating in a week!! i am unbelievably excited. i will be receiving my bachelor of arts in sociology. & then it's off to graduate school in the fall!

since i've been so busy, i haven't been able to look at any of your lovely blogs! for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!! believe me it's been really hard not to. but i wanted to be able to concentrate on the last few moments of my undergraduate career.

now, i will be back blogging regularly soon! most likely i'll post again sometime in the middle of next week after my last paper is turned in. can't wait to hear (read) about all of the adventures you have been up to! happy weekend!

elizabeth johnson: isn't it? i almost want it to be a paint color for me to use : )

dandelionkisses: wooo hoo earth day! i love my fawn.

jessica: really!!? oh i would love to get mail from you : ) i'll email you or something.

yellowblue: yup! they had a variety of herbs to plant inside of them. i chose cilantro.

just b.: aww. of course i liked it! i love handmade things : ) thank you!

melly: i was a little scared to put wheat germ in the smoothie, but i wanted to add a little more nutrition to it. turned out fine!

brit: brat pack movies are good any day! my favorite actors are andrew mcarthy & molly ringwald & does john cusack count? i love him too.

inside the cabinet of wonder: YOU are fab : )

dhu: hehe. go make one!

cookie cutter: i don't know of any other ones going on right now, but you can always start an art exchange up! i would be part of it : )

{thy lady}: it does take a bit for the art exchange packages to come. so far i have only received three. but i'm happy with what i got, so i'm not really expecting too many more packages. i love my sister :D

linda: thanks linda! that makes me happy.

pauline: hello there yourself! i'm thinking i may send you something again soon : )

shelbyisms: gnomes?! oh man i've always wanted to start a gnome collection! or rather, at least have one gnome that i can take photos of & send around the world!