Wednesday, May 19, 2010


these pretty roses were from my father to keep me happy while i was typing my last paper : )

i turned in my last paper at my professor's office yesterday. it was a big relief & i actually jumped in victory in the hallway when i was leaving the building. haha. tad crazy.

now that i am finished with all of the school stuff, i have time to do the things i like that i haven't been able to, like have a warm cooked breakfast:or go to the library & stash up on movies! i just watched paper heart (very cute), wendy & lucy, & new moon (finally saw it...!). next on the list is bright star, bbc's persuasion, & the ugly truth. i also borrowed the book looking for alaska because i've heard it's good & a movie is in the works for it.

i also want to get back to making things! i will use my new zine arts & crafts revolution for projects : ) i love that zine! you can get your own here for only $4. today i am going dress shopping for an outfit for my graduation on saturday. exciting!

to everyone: thank you so much for all of the congratulations & well wishes! they really helped me through my last few days of paper writing. you are amazing!!


  1. Looking for Alaska is a rather good book. I met the author and had him sign my copy, when I was in San Fran last month. Let me know how you liked it. The author John Green does a vlog you might take a look at to. Well I will stop rambling lol . Hope you enjoy it.

    John Greens Video Blog :

  2. congrats on handing your paper in!!!
    you are fab! :)

  3. So good that you're finished, very well done.

    That zine looks awesome, how do you find these amazing things? That window photo is so sweet, your dad is a wonder! :)

  4. I'll have to check out those films! (Apart from new moon, seen it and knew it would be utter rubbish but still enjoyed the novelty of it :P) Great post- makes me feel happy I've finished first year of uni :D

  5. Ooh, what a great load of movies! Hey I'm in one of them ;P I wanted to see Paper Heart....Cute book! Aww Papi is so nice! My dad would NEVER dream of doing that lol. OMG you saw New Moon and didn't text me?!! Well, what did you think!?

  6. Oh, and I'm excited to see your dress Saturday.

  7. Lots of movies :)
    Now that summer's here I need to have a few movie nights!

    They're making a movie out of "looking for alaska"?! I can't wait to hear more about that!

    good book. though sad.
    Green is an amazing writer.