Monday, May 31, 2010

from my bookshelf

i went away for the weekend. 'twas a nice little family getaway.

just the other day, i was putting some of my books back into a bookshelf of mine (i had to move the bookshelf) & i found these two neat, old books. one is heidi & the other is black beauty, both from 1955. the insides look so neat. it's such a nice surprise to find things you forgot you had : )

in other news, wendy has come to live with me for about a month to work in my town. i'm sure we will be having all kinds of adventures. also, my sister will be moving back home for the summer too in two weeks! looks like a fun summer.


inna: oh you should really get a sewing machine! it's a great investment. i never use to like sewing, but now, it's kind of growing on me. the sewing machine that i bought is a really simple one that was only $35. it's tiny & perfect for me.

petunia: oh i know! we really need to make a date of it & go thrifting. soon too! : )

brit: ooo thanks for the insight on the time traveler's wife. i just started it & already can tell i'm going to love it : )

amy: oh good! amelie is such a feel good movie. & i love it's quirkiness : ) thanks for the idea of the pouches! & i still haven't finished the prestige! i keep getting interrupted...but soon!

dandelionkisses: you can borrow it when i'm done, of course. since you are living with me now!

shelbyisms: so far, i've really enjoyed the time traveler's wife. it's really, really good! hehe. i love my thrift store & i really think it's like the best one ever.

reread: why thank you : ) that makes my day, for real. & tiersen's other work is just as good!

make it easy: thanks & it was my pleasure!

cookie cutter: haha i know what you mean. i always want to get more & new supplies when i already have plenty : )

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  1. I use to have that same Black Beauty book growing up lol. How are you and your family Lina?