Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy twenty-ten!

it's almost a brand new year! i can hardly believe how fast 2009 went by.
i've been shopping all week with wendy. i may be showing some things i bought in later posts.
today, wendy & i have been making friendship bracelets all day. so much fun.
also i am enjoying this blog post with all of the packages. i just bought this book & i want to use it soon!
i love this loft. they are the same people who made the mustache card in my giveaway. don't forget to enter to win it! today is the last day to enter.
tonight for new years i plan on going to dinner at a friends house for laksa.
happy new year everyone!

Monday, December 28, 2009

new year giveaway

i'm having a giveaway to celebrate the new year! while at urban outfitters i found cute cards by something's hiding in here. i bought a bunch & decided to share the fun! this giveaway includes an urban outfitters drawstring bag filled with a card, envelope, mustache charm, & pencil. to enter, just comment below. the winner will be picked randomly on the first of the new year! good luck & have fun : )

wendy is here

wendy is visiting me for a week! she came baring gifts of vegan chocolates she made. she is so talented! they were delicious. we've already spent a day shopping. urban outfitters was having a big sale & i got three shirts with these pretty patterns on them.i have many packages to send out in the mail today. most of them are pay it forward gifts so those of you who signed up should be getting them soon!


shelbyisms: hello! wow! gifts wrapped with a wax seal sound so elegant! must have been lovely. & having a diana is a little bit scary because of the film...i'm not sure how i'm going to afford it all.

dandelionkisses: : ) we should take some photos with the diana while you are here to visit.

j.m.williams: same here! it's sooo good.

perfectly placed pauline: i know! i still can't believe it. happy times to you : )

lauren: hello & thank you! hope you did too : )

brit: yes! i love it too. & zooey & joseph, so all in all awesome!

amy: star trek is a definite win!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, it's grand just holding your hand

i hope you all had super awesome fantastic beautiful fun happy christmas! i know i did : ) i wanted to post photos of the presents i wrapped because i thought they looked nice this year. i used brown christmas paper from h&m with yarn & stamped tags. this is everything i got!starting from the left: diana f+ lomography camera, lesportsac pouch, paper cutter, rubik's cube, shower clock, candle, circle paper cutter, star trek, money, 500 days of summer, last chance harvey, stainless steel water bottle, & soduku game. i think that this is the most i've gotten in a long time & i was so shocked! i can't wait to try my diana. does anyone have one? if you live in america, where do you get the film (120) developed??
my gift to raquel was this vintage camera. she really likes it : )
christmas dinner was delicious & i was very full afterwards. i can't wait to go shopping with my christmas money! happy weekend!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder & i have started a new blog together. go check it out!
also, happy christmas eve!!
petunia: that trip rocked! i'm so glad i went too : )
inside the cabinet of wonder: thanks! i really like how the waterfront photos turned out.
jessica: it was too cool. & the bookstore was really neat. i loved how it had a balcony & winding stairs to it.
dandelionkisses: yes!! that will be your trip! it's going to be so fun to have you visit! can't wait : )

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

weekend trip

i'm back! i didn't have time to blog about leaving because this trip was a bit spontaneous! & it was a wonderful trip. the day after i was finished with school finals, five of us girls & guys left for a weekend trip to monterey. petunia called me up on friday to see if i wanted to join the party & around three hours later we were on the road. we had a picnic, went old book shopping (cutest little bookstore!), looked through an art gallery, and ate good food. the guys cooked for the girls & the girls got makeovers! afterwards, on the way home we stopped off at the renegade craft fair. it was amazing! i strongly encourage going if it comes to your neighborhood. these are photos from the trip:

Monday, December 14, 2009


photo from here

since i had a little time, i've decided to put up some things on my wish list!surprise ball from kiosk
500 days of summer on dvd

fawn figurines. these are from dime store vintage

p.s. obsessed with this song at the moment!


dandelionkisses: oh it was! i was so excited to see zooey on it : ) & i knew you would be watching! can't wait for you to come visit!!

amy: yes! but no worries, i did see they had it on hulu : ) i am definitely enjoying neverwhere! when i first picked it out, i didn't know he was the author of stardust too!

mieke willems: thank you! oh, yes, these all of these blogs are too much of a distraction for sure!

brit: yes yes almost! it will be a wonderful treat to the end of the semester at school!

linda: it makes me sad when people aren't able to see movies around the world. i wish they all just came out at one time!

sarah: oh thank you!! & i think you should wear a crown to see where the wild things are!

kait: aww yes i will try!! yes, that's so true about zooey : )

perfectly placed pauline: i'm so glad you are back, but that is a good reason to be gone! sounds wonderful!

hannah: hello! yes, the grapefruit spoon is wonderful! i love it & am so glad i finally have one!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

hi hi

photo from here
this is just a quick post to say hi! i've been so overwhelmed with finals, studying, & writing papers. it's all i've been doing this whole week! only one more final to take, two poster/diorama presentations to make & present, & one paper to write, & then i'm done!!! & winter break can start!
i'm going to take a break later on tonight to see zooey deschanel on bones with her sister emily :o) it's gonna be great!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

where the wild puppies are

all of jubilee's puppies have gone to new homes & new owners. i'm a little bit sad to see them gone, but i get more sleep now & it's not as noisy so i can study better. i know some of the new owners so jubilee will be able to visit some of her puppies in the future!

after the puppies left, i went used book shopping with some friends (petunia & my-my included). i bought a bookbinding handbook & i'm really excited to try out some of the binding techniques.on sunday, my mom & i went to see where the wild things are. it was fun to see it together. & now i want to make a fort !
we stopped to get burritos for dinner after the movie. it was a lovely little outing : )me


i've been crafting & studying a lot lately. crafting for christmas gifts & for pay it forward gifts (i haven't forgotten about you!) & studying for all of my final exams (only a week left of school!!). i can't wait for winterbreak!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


i had grapefruit for breakfast this morning. i finally got a grapefruit spoon from the thrift store. it works magic!i was in the library at my university for a while today writing a paper. this was the view from the window. spectacular. we received our first batch of christmas cookies today from a kid neighbor. most of them were eaten soon after receiving them. hehe. i'm beginning to get into the holiday spirit : )

when i got home tonight, my mom & i decided to bake papi some vegan cookies. we made oatmeal raisin ones. they turned out pretty good! now my house smells like freshly baked cookies! mmmm : )
& guess what! i got an award!! this "best blog award" is from linda of linda - lost in switzerland. thanks linda!! how exciting! i pass this award on to nicola, penelope, & brit. enjoy ladies : )

p.s. happy birthday abbie!!


inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes! i had hoped you would notice your artwork in the photo : ) i thought it would be a sort of easter egg for you! & yes! i want to see your bunting when you make some!!

amy: awe how fun! i remember having a tiny toy sewing machine that worked too....i didn't make very much on it though. not like you at least! oh, & the "tomato" is actually a persimmon : )

dandelionkisses: oh i know : / i'm really going to miss them... oh, haha (about the cupcake book) that's pretty funny...well if i win, i win! lol.

linda: thank you hun!

petunia: i did! yes we should! oooo that would be fun!! mmm : )

meehleesah: lol. hi you. oooo!! i can't wait to see it!! i'm excited now : )

penelope: yes! i love bunting now! & it's so easy to make too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the machine

i can't believe it's december already! this year has gone by so fast. only two more weeks of school!
i went shopping on black friday & bought myself my first sewing machine! i always used my moms but now i have my own & it's perfect for me : ) so simple & small. also it works great! i finished my bunting with it!

thanks for all of your comments. the puppies are doing very well & will go to good homes this coming saturday!