Thursday, April 30, 2009

drumroll please

this is what 100 cranes looks like
thank you to all who participated in my paper crane giveaway!! it was a lot of fun creating the whole thing.

the winner, picked by random generator this morning, of my paper crane hanging is..... MELISSA!! congratulations melissa! woo hoo!

to thank those who participated, i am offering a few paper cranes to be mailed out to anyone who entered. just e-mail me the address to send them to at

perfectly placed pauline: yes! i love mine. i even have it engraved on the back "the shadow proves the sunshine."

perfectly placed pauline & tomas iliffe & brinja: the book is super fun! it's by keri smith. i posted about it before here.

melissa: i can't believe you won! haha. i just did the random generator & out popped your number! i wasn't expecting it because you were the last person to enter. i just have to string them together & then i will send it your way!

allison: oh!! thank you for the movie suggestion! i looked it up online right away & actually found the whole movie on youtube. it is so good! haha & cute. i loved it:]

tomas iliffe: :o) i'm glad you like them. they are about my favorite band. good old war is pretty good! but to me, they sound different... but still good! thanks for the suggestion.

brinja: lot's of people seem to like the book:] the cover is really attractive.

patricia: i know, right? it was simply amazing. but yeah... i know what you mean about the film. i only use it on special occasions.

w. murdock: yes it is:]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


hello all :o) this is just a quick reminder to enter into my giveaway of a paper crane hanging for my 100th post celebration. today is the last day to sign up!
i'll reply to you all in the next post:]
have a GREAT day!

cranes folded: 92 (!!!)
still need: 8 (!!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

ticket to ride

just got back to my university via the train. it was sad to say goodbye to my cousins after such a short visit. but at least we got to see each other for a little bit:]
i've been really busy folding cranes for my giveaway. it's almost time to pick a winner! i'm excited. haha.
cranes folded = 81 (whoo!)
still need = 19 (almost finished!)
i've been listening to the new castledoor cd & nothing else! so good! my favorites are: free, hidden treasure, & fifth tambourine. go to their myspace & check them out if you are curious.
inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe. yes! lovely polaroid. yes, i left it with my mom to mail off when i left to go to uni today:] cattle market sounds sooo amazing! i truly want to go there! i always go to a thrift store near my parents home called "thrift store" haha. anyways, it always has super good sales & a whole section divided for antique things! i love it:]

finding finds

went thrifting yesterday! here are my finds: i got my second polaroid camera ($2.78) & it already had film in it! i wasn't looking for another polaroid camera, but that film sold me! the next thing i bought was a book called the awakening(1899) by kate chopin ($0.97). the back says "far too bold and candid for its time" & "chopin's portrayal of a woman who resisted authority in her quest for freedom is now regarded as a landmark in american fiction."
then i bought a pair of deep blue mugs ($0.37 each) that were made in italy! i really like them.
perfectly placed pauline: they were super yummy! wow! that is such a good price!! good find! yes i really want to get a date stump.
w. murdock: why thank you!
-j. m. williams: oh you know about totoro? yay! haha.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


orange rings for breakfast & a seeded bagel. ate them while reading the may issue of nylon! (dev patel is in it!!)
raquel & i made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies last night. we are going to give cameron 23 cookies for his 23rd birthday:]
my cousin wendy is coming into town & staying with us for a few days! i'm happy because i miss her.

only three more days to sign up for my giveaway!

lulu: oo! really? i want a big plushie of him :D awe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


rachel's bridal shower was nice. this is the gift i gave to rachel, inside is four dipping bowls & salt & pepper shakers:] i wrapped it in paper from bangladesh from my paper collection.

when i got home, i found that castledoor's new album shouting at the mountains came in the mail! i am so excited & i have been listening to it non stop.
all day, i kept remembering this cute japanese anime film my neighbor totoro that i watched when i was little with my cousin. at first i couldn't remember what it was called, but i did a little research & i found it. i really want to get the four volume ani-manga series from it. anyways, here is a little clip from the movie:


i had a sushi dinner with the family last night. really yummy:] afterwards it was off to jeremy's for brownie baking & environmental talk. today is my friend rachel's bridal shower! i am so excited. i graduated from high school with her & now she's getting married:]

don't forget to sign up for my crane giveaway! only five more days!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


i found the most amazing food blog! it is all vegetarian food, so i can make & eat any of the recipes! it is fresh365. it has the most brilliant photos. just look at those colors! so beautiful. the blog says: "focusing on seasonal, organic and local products." check it out for sure!
1. spring pea soup
2. polenta with fontina, parmesan, & thyme

xavia: lol. i got the candle holder at kohl's, but i don't think they sell it anymore... & i'm looking around, trying to decide what i would change the banner to.

allison: i am so glad you took the time to watch it:] i saw it & it was definitely worth posting.

-j. m. williams: haha....miss lina. yeah i like it too, but i think i may change it if i find something that i like enough.

maria: oh that's a good idea with the cardboard, i couldn't think of anything & ended up doing almost nothing...:/ i am glad you like the oak banner:] i may change it once i find something to change it to though.

inside the cabinet of wonder: :D, i took so many photos that it was hard to choose only a few to post! i loved it so. i'm going to work on sending your something today, though it most likely won't get in the mail until next week...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

just a quick post to say happy earth day everyone! how are you celebrating it? i haven't decided what i am doing for it yet...
question for you: i was thinking of changing my blog banner, should i? or should i keep the oak photo?
thank you for any suggestions:]
photo from here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

brown paper packages tied up with string

i got a super cool package from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder yesterday! (today is her birthday!! happy birthday nicola!) it was full of uber fun paper! i absolutely love paper:] also there were her famous paper people. she filled the package with pink glitter & gold stars. also included were cute little trinkets & bracelets. & of course a letter! i'm so glad she is my pen buddy:]

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes! that is funny about the bird thing:]

Monday, April 20, 2009

free as a bird

i got this ceramic quail at a friend's yard sale for free yesterday. i really like bird things, but i don't especially like live birds...:o) i decided to take some photos of other birdlike things in my room:
iron bird candle holder bird calendar from anthropologie with bird illustrations by naturalist eleazar albin wooden bird mobile, free from a local estate sale
for some birds of your own, sign up to win some from my giveaway!
inside the cabinet of wonder: not to worry, you were already signed up by commenting below the post:]
jenna:hello:] thank you! & good luck.
jessica gross: oh yes! aren't they AMAZING?? i feel like i could eat them everyday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

we'd be so great together

i just loved that short film. thought i'd share it with you.

i found the most adorable site: letters to crushes. here are a some of my favorites:

i’ve got this ridiculous crush on you, and i’m falling in love, and i feel totally silly - sillier than i’ve ever felt in the twenty years we’ve been married.
— ken

going on seventeen,
you looked at me yesterday. and today. i can’t wait for tomorrow.
even if you look at me like i’m crazy, it’s worth it.
— going on eighteen

we’d be so great together. i’m waiting for you to figure that out.
— your girl

every time i see my initial on here, i always hope it’s about me. and that it’s from you.
— j

i like it when you ramble.
— him

This is just to let you know I love all of our conversations, even though I’m extremely nervous whenever I talk to you.
— K

I think I’ve underestimated you for a long time.
I’m glad I’ve come to my senses.
— E

your song has 170 plays on my computer. now every time i see you, i think postcards from italy.
— me

that last one made my heart all fluttery:] i liked it.

on another note ... my friends melissa & cameron just came from two different trips out of the country. melissa is back from the philippines & she brought me back this cute little bag. cameron is back from africa & he brought be back this awesome soapstone box that says "hakuna matata!"

lastly, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy meals

raquel & lizzie came to visit me at the university for their spring break. it was a very nice time together. we had a lot of meals out. here are some photos:] & the one above is on the train home to the parent's for the weekend.
food at greek take-out: falafel pita, fries, & spanakopita.
my friend jeremy came & ate dinner with us once at california pizza kitchen. the food was so good! i am definitely going there again. sorry the food was almost gone when i remembered to take a photo. this was the last meal of the trip. we ate frozen pizza on the train home...not the greatest but still good because we were all really hungry & tired.
i was happy they came to visit me & i could show them around my town. we went thrifting & site seeing. i hope they come to visit me again soon:]

inside the cabinet of wonder: you're welcome!! oh i am so glad you like it & that it got to you ok. i am SUPER excited to get your package:D can hardly wait!

brinja: why thank you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

early day

hi! my easter scarf fit the day perfectly:] easter was a family party out of town, delicious food, & relaxation. hope yours was just as wonderful.

i had a big test this morning in my social inequalities class. i was quite worried about it & couldn't sleep very good. i ended up waking up at 3am & was not able to go back to sleep. so i decided to study until i had to catch the bus at 8am. i was so hungry at 3am so i made some tea (stress relief tea!) (by the way i am in the process of rereading twilight for the third time!).right when i was about to leave to catch the bus, i spotted these beautiful flowers that lydia (my housemate) put in a vase by the door. it made my day:]after my classes i had a yummy falafel pita for lunch. it was so good! now i am super tired & am heading home to relax. maybe even take a nap which is a rare lina event! oh! & be sure to sign up for my giveaway!
xavia: thanks! oh, you know what? that might be a neat idea to give the option of mailing a few cranes out to people who didn't win...hmm...nice idea!
allison: thank you dear:]
-j. m. williams: happy easter jordan!!
melissa: oh, i thought you did... & thanks melissa!
abbie: !!! oh i'm homesick for you too... (check your mail!) & happy easter to you too. haha you know what? i totally see you liking that photo now that you said it...haha. i love you.
kiwitz: hello :o) that is a beautiful idea for a wedding! oh i love it!
inside the cabinet of wonder: yes it is filling up! it is actually quite fun folding a little each day:] yay for packages!
sara abdel azim: hello & happy easter sara! thank you:]
sophia: thank you darling!
sonia.: welcome! thank you for your kind words! oh, i'm sure your cranes are just fine:] the photo IS pretty amazing, my friend melissa is quite talented:]
outi: thank you:]
brit: thanks! i got the idea from a project in the readymade magazine:] love that magazine!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter scarf

i made this scarf that i will be wearing today for easter. i made it from a thrifted men's dress shirt. it was part of a project i worked on all day friday. below are some of the dress shirts i dyed in my backyard in a batch of blue dye. i then cut out the scarf shapes & fringed the ends. i really like how this one turned out.
i've been folding cranes every day! this is my little pile. i calculated that i had to fold about five a day to end up with 100 by the end of the month.

happy easter everyone!

xavia: oh ok, yeah i understand. & i like your flickr art:]

brit: ooo! yeah i want to get the soundtrack!

melissa: welcome home!! i have missed you! hehe super papi:] & that was ying, you met her right? the exchange student from china. yeah she draws super good!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

outside my window

this beautiful photo was taken by melissa of my window in my room. i really liked it:]
i just started a flickr account to house my scribbles & a few of my artist trading cards. check them out if you want!
don't forget to sign up for my 100th post giveaway!
this cute drawing was found here. it made me smile.

-j.m. williams: thank you. maybe you'll get your birthday surprise....we shall see!

ying: yes we did!! they are beautiful. thank you!! we will send you a photo of us in them soon. oh! once! isn't that movie so good?

xavia: oh no! i'm sorry. *sigh* hopefully you get a job you will like more. us starving students need all the help we can get.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

look at what i got

early this morning, i went shopping with my mom before she went to work. we made a special trip out of town to the asian market that i go to buy my pens. i buy them there because i like pens with tiny tips around 0.38 & under. they are expensive (about $3.00 each) but worth it. i love them. & they went home with me in the cutest little bag!

i got a package from ying, who lives in china, yesterday! she stayed with my family during the summer last year. inside the package was three cheongsams. one each for my mom, sister, & i. this one is mine! isn't it pretty? she also enclosed a drawing she did of a girl wearing a cheongsam. she draws really good!! i was so amazed because i didn't know that she drew! fabulous ying! i watched once yesterday. i loved it. very beautiful film. & the music was so heartfelt. (photo from imdb)inside the cabinet of wonder: oh! i'm the same way about when you post! haha. i'm always excited to read your blog:] & thank you for your nice words.
xavia & mette: thank you! :D