Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter scarf

i made this scarf that i will be wearing today for easter. i made it from a thrifted men's dress shirt. it was part of a project i worked on all day friday. below are some of the dress shirts i dyed in my backyard in a batch of blue dye. i then cut out the scarf shapes & fringed the ends. i really like how this one turned out.
i've been folding cranes every day! this is my little pile. i calculated that i had to fold about five a day to end up with 100 by the end of the month.

happy easter everyone!

xavia: oh ok, yeah i understand. & i like your flickr art:]

brit: ooo! yeah i want to get the soundtrack!

melissa: welcome home!! i have missed you! hehe super papi:] & that was ying, you met her right? the exchange student from china. yeah she draws super good!


  1. like your scarf, really :) i'm hoping i'll get at least one of your cranes haha

  2. Cute scarf! It looks really nice!

  3. by the wa i love your scarf! you are very creative!

  4. happy easter my darling. nice work on the scarf project, and the second picture is waaaaayy cool. i love you

  5. i folded like thousand of cranes for my wedding, i insisted i wanted them everywhere haha. hello :)

  6. happy easter!!
    aww your box is filling up!!! :)
    i am going back to uni tomorrow, so can't wait for your package!!!

  7. happy easter! love the origami cranes!! =D

  8. That scarf is very cute, how creative to make it out of a men's shirt!