Monday, April 20, 2009

free as a bird

i got this ceramic quail at a friend's yard sale for free yesterday. i really like bird things, but i don't especially like live birds...:o) i decided to take some photos of other birdlike things in my room:
iron bird candle holder bird calendar from anthropologie with bird illustrations by naturalist eleazar albin wooden bird mobile, free from a local estate sale
for some birds of your own, sign up to win some from my giveaway!
inside the cabinet of wonder: not to worry, you were already signed up by commenting below the post:]
jenna:hello:] thank you! & good luck.
jessica gross: oh yes! aren't they AMAZING?? i feel like i could eat them everyday!


  1. ah i am glad you got my package!!!
    and you loved it!! i hope the papers are full of fun.
    wow!!! you are just like me, i love bird things, pictures, books, plates, decorations and other bits, but a little scared of real birds!!
    can't wait to hear from you sooon xxx

  2. omg i love the iron bird candle holder,can i have it :)