Thursday, April 9, 2009

look at what i got

early this morning, i went shopping with my mom before she went to work. we made a special trip out of town to the asian market that i go to buy my pens. i buy them there because i like pens with tiny tips around 0.38 & under. they are expensive (about $3.00 each) but worth it. i love them. & they went home with me in the cutest little bag!

i got a package from ying, who lives in china, yesterday! she stayed with my family during the summer last year. inside the package was three cheongsams. one each for my mom, sister, & i. this one is mine! isn't it pretty? she also enclosed a drawing she did of a girl wearing a cheongsam. she draws really good!! i was so amazed because i didn't know that she drew! fabulous ying! i watched once yesterday. i loved it. very beautiful film. & the music was so heartfelt. (photo from imdb)inside the cabinet of wonder: oh! i'm the same way about when you post! haha. i'm always excited to read your blog:] & thank you for your nice words.
xavia & mette: thank you! :D


  1. sign me up for the one hundred crane give away lol congrat lina on the 100 post. I always enjoy your post. Ill keep my finger crossed, if i win the giveaway on the 29th it would be a good birthday gift lol

  2. You got it? it's great. i wanne to see lina,raqual and mum to wear it.then take photo..i must be cool.(PS:Sorry dad,forget your gift.) "ONCE"..l love it,i saw it a few monthes ago,i love the music in this and love.

  3. Once is indeed such a warm and beautiful movie, after I saw it I looked up the cd and fell in love all over again! Great actors!