Sunday, April 5, 2009

another beach day & other stuff

i went to the beach again yesterday. it was much colder than last weekend, but it was still nice. we went in a family friend's rv, so the traveling was very comfortable. i grabbed my ipod & my (new!) moleskine & was ready to go.
i did some rock climbing at the beach. for lunch we had some portuguese cheese & sweet senorita bread.the sand on the beach was a bunch of little rocks, not smooth like regular sand. i hunted for some small sea glass & found some! i also brought this book how to be an explorer of the world by keri smith. it is such a neat book & a lot of fun! her blog is really cool too!
tomorrow i head back to school, marking the end of spring break. i have to get back into the swing of things. i cut out coupons from the sunday paper for this weeks grocery shopping once i get back to my house near the university. i am such a starving student...

oh, one more thing: i want this!!

enep: why thank you! :D yes, spending time with dad is good times. i tried to go onto your blog, but internet explorer won't let me:/ ... i'm sorry i can't make comments on it.

kayleigh.: hello! i'm glad you liked my blog! nicola's is amazing though:] i'm so glad you found/liked beirut!! i LOVE them. & amelie music is just perfect. i really like your blog & already put it in my "these are neat!" blog roll:]


  1. I want to go the beach!!! I'm covered in snow at the moment. Sun and sand sounds fabulous.

    I tagged you!

  2. ah such a beautiful ipod with a moleskine!! the weather looks amazing, i wish it to be sunny where i am.

    oh my, i really really much get that book!!! it looks simply wonderful!! and so much fun too.
    haha, i love the coupons!! yes a starving students needs all the help they can get!!
    hope you are wonderful! i am going back to uni in a week, and i am looking forward to getting your parcel then!!! eeeeek!! :)
    nicola xx

  3. Your lunch looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ! :D

  4. well that just looks like a yummy day! x

  5. dear lina, i so so know how it feels to be a starving student, since i just quited my job...