Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Woodlands from Justin Koleszar on Vimeo.

1. cute woodland video that makes me want to go hiking (i think i've posted a link to it here before...)
2. amazing voice! great music. you can get his full ep here. found him from g : )

do you have any videos to share? i've been wanting to see some creative ones lately. please leave any links in the comments!

when i came back to my place after visiting my parents for easter, i came to some sad news from my housemate. her beloved dog got hit by a car & didn't make it : ( so she is quite sad & i am going to go out to lunch with her & thrifting. i hope she feels better!


danica: the origami owl is wonderful! i love to do origami & i hope that i can learn to do it too : )

natalie: she is isn't she?? : )

chnikygirlmel: hello! it is pretty sweet. blogger friends & packages are the best.

dandelionkisses: hehe thanks : )

mackensie perry: hello! it is a very beautiful movie visually.

Monday, April 25, 2011

from amy

i got a cute package from amy in the mail! it was full of where the wild things are goodies & an origami owl that i loved! thanks amy : ) you are so sweet.
these next photos are just some of the pouches i sewed over the weekend. i used my fabric scraps, so i think they look kind of neat with all of the different patterns.
i want to share this neat project that aron put together! go here. it's a space he created for happiness for others.


hellomissa: oh goood!! aww : ) yes, do take a photo of the bunting in your room. i want to see it! & you are very welcome indeed :o)

amy: hehe thanks amy! oh my - vegetarian shepherd's pie?! i want to know the recipe!!

april: hello! oh i wish i could sew well enough to sew things that i see in stores!

natalie: quinoa is very interesting! you should try it for sure : ) i hated to sew forever! then i tried it a few years ago & found that i like it now. maybe you should try again!

make it easy: ^_^ same to you!!

eeshie: hello! the tote bag or the bunting? i'll be happy to share with you! : )

em [the writer]: you should try sewing! just a few years ago i hated it though (because it was hard for me!) but then i tried it again & i really liked it. so you should try!

inside the cabinet of wonder: yup yup bunting! : )

just a lazy morning: hello! thank you : )

Sunday, April 24, 2011


My New Roots - How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo.

i saw this on sara mcneil's blog & since my healthy parents had some in the pantry, i decided to make some quinoa this morning! it's quite interesting & tasty too.i've been sewing all weekend! i've missed sewing. & since my sewing machine is still at my parent's home, i rarely get to sew when i want to. but this weekend i was determined to make something for missa's birthday : ) i made her some bunting & i think she liked it! i've also been working on some tote bags & little pouches! (i've misplaced my camera :/ so these are all from my cellphone!) happy easter everyone!


natalie: yay for sure! i love flowers : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: YOU ARE AWESOME NICOLA....sorry...just needed to say that back to you : )

allison: haha! yeah i was a bit caught off guard with that part too. but i saw it as her way of release. a tad strange, but that's just her thing i suppose.

amy: yum! you need to post some photos of your bento creations!!

holly: yay for my african violet! oh it IS him! i just looked it up too : ) i only knew him from the tudors : ) but i see he was also in a bunch of movies i've seen, including the count of monte cristo! so, i capture the castle isn't so much cute but more....scandalous & a tad tragic...i would say. haha i can't decide if i like it or not! but i like the clothes & the castle etc... let me know what you think.

Friday, April 22, 2011

plants & castles

i'm at my parent's home for easter weekend : ) when i got to the house, i was so excited because my african violet was blooming for the first time! it is so pretty! beautiful two-toned pink flowers. i've had that plant for probably nine years & it has never bloomed before. i was so happy : )
so, i finished i capture the castle. interesting movie. it is a bit scandalous at times : ) & i really loved the clothes, colors, & scenery. this may be too many photos of it, but i liked how they looked so i decided to share them anyway.now i am going to work on some homework until my parents are ready to go out for dinner. if you see the movie, let me know what you thought of it! i can't really decide how i liked it...haha. if you have netflix it's on watch instantly : )
about last post's bento box, i want to make one like this:

happy earth day & weekend!!


dandelionkisses: : )

sarah~mechelle: excited to see your answers!

hellomissa: yay! i'm excited to see you! oh my goodness do you have a bento box?? because i do : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: awww : ) thank you! oh i should keep using how to be an explorer of the world! it's been in my file folder of projects for a while now. i should dust it off : )

yellow blue & natalie: yes, you MUST get how to be an explorer of the world! i highly recommend it!

amy: yay for bentos!

april: hello! how lovely to have you looking at my blog : ) yes, i LOVE when stores have ridiculously big discounts. it makes my day!

ella: hello! yes, they are!! love bento boxes.

linda: : ) omg yes, leggings. haha!

mamzelle titoo: hello! why thank you : ) hope you visit again soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this is not a bento box

i finally bought keri smith's this is not a book! i got it for a very nice $5 at a closing borders (60%-80% off list price!) i am so excited to start some of the projects in it. i thoroughly LOVED how to be an explorer of the world & i hope i love this one too.this is just a photo of a delicious lunch i had with a friend at bento box. i thought it was cute with each food item having it's own home : )


amy: thanks amy!! i'll try & see if it will work better that way. & yeah...i don't go to the theater too much, so i'll definitely be waiting to see your highness on dvd. i have a feeling i won't have my hopes up. p.s. yum for hummus!

holly: oh good! i'm glad you checked him out. i randomly found him on youtube & instantly fell in love with his voice! : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: excited to see them singing!! haha i hope you like it...i wasn't too sure if you would or not. but we shall see! : )

missa: awesome! ok cool. we can work out the details through fb if you want. just send me a message of what you want & everything. i'm so excited about your etsy!! if you need any help, just text me or fb me!

natalie: haha! oh natalie you crack me up! but i totally agree! : )

pauline: yes it did! it came almost a month ago, but i've been so busy that i just now am blogging about it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! you are so sweet & it really made me smile : )

Sunday, April 17, 2011

questions & treats

hi hi : ) i am here working on my paper for my environmental sociology class & am listening to this guy's amazing songs. it is too amazing to not share! also, i am having trouble with the spacing with my posts (as you can tell by the last few posts). anyone know what i can do to get rid of the extra space? i delete it when editing, but once i post it, the space between the paragraphs grows :/ maybe i should just give in & start using the newer editor... anyways, help would be appreciated!

the challenge

it was a lazy sunday morning today. got a full load of homework to work on for this coming week. i can't wait to go visit home for easter this weekend! a much needed rest is wanted.

linda challenged me to answer this ten question quiz. so here it goes!

1. what did you do 10 years ago? ten years ago i was 13. i was just about to "graduate" from eight grade in a month, so i was planning that. i was also getting ready to enter high school & start taking classes at the community college. big changes were happening! part of me wishes i was still that old : )

2. what did you do one year ago? one year ago i was getting ready to graduate with my ba in sociology. so i was probably stressed about getting my senior project done! i already received my letter that i was accepted to graduate school, so i was pretty excited about that. what else...what else.. oh! again planning for graduate school. & it seems i was just ending a camping weekend.

3. five snacks that you like? well, i don't snack, but if i was to pick five snack type foods... ice cream, hummus & pita chips, guacamole & chips, chocolate covered raisins, & swedish fish : )

4. five songs which you know the whole lyrics to? i know the whole lyrics to many different songs, but these have nice little stories to them: "count on me" by bruno mars - i learned & sang this at cameron's memorial because it is the kind of relationship we had. "hey, soul sister" by train - my mom loves this song & we often sing it in the car when we are going somewhere & are listening to it. "hey jude" by the beatles - this is one of the songs my mom would sing to comfort me when i was little. "the remedy" by jason mraz - this song is one that my friends in high school & i tried to sing all the words to as fast as he does, fun song. "swing swing" by the all-american rejects - a song that i would sing with my friend all the time about nine years ago.

5. five things you would do if you were a millionaire? travel(!!!), buy my parents a house, donate money, buy my sister anything she wants, start a meaningful organization

6. five bad habits? procrastination, watching too many tv shows/movies, eating too fast, not knowing if someone is serious or just being sarcastic, not vacuuming

7. five things you like to do? watch movies, read blogs, craft, go to fairs & festivals (especially craft fairs, zine fairs, & food festivals), be with my family & friends, get mail/packages

8. five things you would never dress in or buy? ugg type boots, mini skirts, stilettos, bling, leggings as regular pants (without a shirt/tunic long enough)

9. five favorite toys? my laptop, my ipod, my books, my sewing machine, my busy bear

10. five people i'd like to see taking this quiz? wendy, nicola, amy, missa, sarah~mechelle


inside the cabinet of wonder: isn't it a neat idea for a letter?? since it was a world puzzle, she even marked where she was : )

natalie: for sure! i totally agree : )

amy: yeah...maybe i could find it online... i'm glad you were feeling better! i hope that by now you are much much better!

dandelionkisses: i knew you would like the owls : )

mckenzie mullen: yes they are!! i love love love them.

holly: hello! about never let me go, it was basically a well done film, but it just made me sad & i didn't feel good after watching it :/ but i think you should definitely see it anyways! lol. because you may like it! no i didn't read the book & that may make someone like it! spring is very pretty, but i miss my fall & winter!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

from pauline

a few weeks ago i got such an awesome package in the mail from pauline! she made me a crocheted tea coaster & little felted owls in their matchbox home. she wrote the letter on a puzzle & used a mel stringer sticker! pauline is so sweet & creative : ) replies: yellowblue: oh i know! i hadn't even thought of colored glass in my future home, but i really like the idea too : )

amy: oh wow a sequel!? awesome! but sad too since no english subs :/ feel better amy!! i'm feeling a little better today - i think i'll even make a trip to the market to pick up some greatly needed food & produce!

brit: isn't it?! that is actually just the front of the property that is quite large in the back. she rents a quaint studio from it : )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

weekend at tamara's

i spent a lovely weekend at my friend tamara's home, a few hours drive from mine. i went with petunia & her husband. tamara has the cutest little place & i especially loved the colored glass.her bright kitchen holds a clever collection of teas.we ate indian food at our favorite place. we always go here when we visit this town.at a festival, we spotted a blue dog! see him?while at the beach, we came upon a wedding & slightly crashed it for a little bit. weddings always make me happy : )my toms took me many places this weekend.i took a photo of this because i really liked the yellow color on the wall!i'm back home in my busy city & am feeling a bit under the weather now :/ but i watched a japanese film recommendation from amy called nana (it was cute!) & am watching i capture the castle (i'll let you know how it is soon!) now, so that makes me happy.


natalie: i need to get into a spring mood! but i really miss winter... :/

pauline: well, now this awesome find is headed your way! : )

amy: me too! i thought the creamer/pitcher was way cool. so you are reading never let me go?? wow! that is pretty neat. i am so bad at actually reading books before i see the movies...

inside the cabinet of wonder: aww! yeah it sold the night i listed it! i want to go find some more things to put on etsy soon!

sarah~mechelle: oh you are so right! i totally forgot about maria having a carpet bag in the beginning of the movie!! oh by the way, how did you like never let me go?

dandelionkisses: yup he was stationed there!

shelbyisms: hehe for sure shelby! i'll be lookin'. oh yeah i know! i didn't really like it that much... :/ it just made me too sad. & not in the beautiful kind of way...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

new vintage

i opened my shop up again & added some new vintage items! i'm excited because i think they are really neat & it was kind of hard to part with them... : )

i also added an upcycled tote bag that i will be making more of soon!


everything has been blooming so pretty at my place. it's all so lovely & smells incredible : ) i watched never let me go last night. it was kind of a downer, at least it made me feel that way, but it was quite interesting & the colors, scenery, & clothing were lovely (but had a sadness to them too). what i really liked was the three main actors. they are some of my favorites, especially carey mulligan. have you seen it? what do you think? i'm off for a mini trip with petunia & some friends this weekend. i'm excited : ) i have no idea what happend to my replies....ooops... replies: allison: ooo! i haven't heard of that book, but i looked it up & it looks interesting! natalie: thanks! everything turned out just right. my favorite colors are green & pink hehe. amy: thank you : ) the photos are actually representing the mexican holiday day of the dead. it's part of my heritage & all very interesting! but they do look quite zombie-esque! dandelionkisses: haha really? yeah it would make sense that that was where he would be stationed. that is where papi was too : ) make it easy: you are right on the money with the sugar skulls! & thanks, i'm happy you enjoyed my music! that kate: it was a lovely trip : ) & you definitely must try the lychee one! it's really good & tastes quite like it! brit: brit!! i've missed you & your posts! i hope you are well too : )