Thursday, April 7, 2011

new vintage

i opened my shop up again & added some new vintage items! i'm excited because i think they are really neat & it was kind of hard to part with them... : )

i also added an upcycled tote bag that i will be making more of soon!


  1. Awesome! I shall be sure to check out the shop. :) These are definitely putting me in a spring-y kinda mood.

  2. i love that bag! How could you part with such awesome finds?!

    haha. I hope you're going okay! :)

  3. lovelove the bag!! went to have a look, but it was sold. you always find such lovely things! :):)

  4. That bag brought back fond thoughs of Maria, with her carpet bag and guitar. I can see her kicking heels up with that bag on her arm!