Sunday, April 17, 2011

the challenge

it was a lazy sunday morning today. got a full load of homework to work on for this coming week. i can't wait to go visit home for easter this weekend! a much needed rest is wanted.

linda challenged me to answer this ten question quiz. so here it goes!

1. what did you do 10 years ago? ten years ago i was 13. i was just about to "graduate" from eight grade in a month, so i was planning that. i was also getting ready to enter high school & start taking classes at the community college. big changes were happening! part of me wishes i was still that old : )

2. what did you do one year ago? one year ago i was getting ready to graduate with my ba in sociology. so i was probably stressed about getting my senior project done! i already received my letter that i was accepted to graduate school, so i was pretty excited about that. what else...what else.. oh! again planning for graduate school. & it seems i was just ending a camping weekend.

3. five snacks that you like? well, i don't snack, but if i was to pick five snack type foods... ice cream, hummus & pita chips, guacamole & chips, chocolate covered raisins, & swedish fish : )

4. five songs which you know the whole lyrics to? i know the whole lyrics to many different songs, but these have nice little stories to them: "count on me" by bruno mars - i learned & sang this at cameron's memorial because it is the kind of relationship we had. "hey, soul sister" by train - my mom loves this song & we often sing it in the car when we are going somewhere & are listening to it. "hey jude" by the beatles - this is one of the songs my mom would sing to comfort me when i was little. "the remedy" by jason mraz - this song is one that my friends in high school & i tried to sing all the words to as fast as he does, fun song. "swing swing" by the all-american rejects - a song that i would sing with my friend all the time about nine years ago.

5. five things you would do if you were a millionaire? travel(!!!), buy my parents a house, donate money, buy my sister anything she wants, start a meaningful organization

6. five bad habits? procrastination, watching too many tv shows/movies, eating too fast, not knowing if someone is serious or just being sarcastic, not vacuuming

7. five things you like to do? watch movies, read blogs, craft, go to fairs & festivals (especially craft fairs, zine fairs, & food festivals), be with my family & friends, get mail/packages

8. five things you would never dress in or buy? ugg type boots, mini skirts, stilettos, bling, leggings as regular pants (without a shirt/tunic long enough)

9. five favorite toys? my laptop, my ipod, my books, my sewing machine, my busy bear

10. five people i'd like to see taking this quiz? wendy, nicola, amy, missa, sarah~mechelle


inside the cabinet of wonder: isn't it a neat idea for a letter?? since it was a world puzzle, she even marked where she was : )

natalie: for sure! i totally agree : )

amy: yeah...maybe i could find it online... i'm glad you were feeling better! i hope that by now you are much much better!

dandelionkisses: i knew you would like the owls : )

mckenzie mullen: yes they are!! i love love love them.

holly: hello! about never let me go, it was basically a well done film, but it just made me sad & i didn't feel good after watching it :/ but i think you should definitely see it anyways! lol. because you may like it! no i didn't read the book & that may make someone like it! spring is very pretty, but i miss my fall & winter!!


  1. I'm up for that challenge! thanks lina!

    thanks for willing to help me out with the etsy! i might need your help in spreading the word! i'm not sure how far i'll get... but at least it's all for the fun of it! (: (: (: hopefully by the end of this week, everything will be a success! ^_^

  2. Oh this will be fun to do :)

    I love you answers! Hummus + pita chips are delicious!
    I've always wanted to attend a Zine fair or proper underground craft fair but we don't have any here. Most craft fairs here are for the pattern-kniting/scrapbooking/rubber stamping crowd.

    I'm feelin much better thank you! Hope you're doing better too!

  3. Hurrah for someone finally agreeing with me on the whole leggings as pants debacle, haha! I'm fine with them UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. Meaning, they better not be see-through, and the shirt/dress/tunic/whatever is on top better be long enough to cover up your butt/crotch area. That's all I ask, haha...

  4. Word to the leggings as pants!! Brrrrr horrible!!
    Loved reading this Lina! Thanks for accepting the challenge ;)
    Very interesting!! xox