Saturday, April 2, 2011

family road trip

i'm back from my trip! it was such an enjoyable trip too. we did so much & it was difficult to pick out photos to show you all. so, i apologize for the abundance of photos in this post! the trip with my family lots of beautiful scenery:& we ate lots of new, interesting & delicious food! (i liked the art on this restaurant's menu)we spent time at a few different beaches : )& i brought my polaroid along to enjoy too! (my sister is taking a photo of me with it :D)we visited many museums & they were beautiful, inside & museum had a whole collection of work from zandra rhodes. it was all very beautiful!i am standing in front of some of her fabric. such pretty pink!this little fairy treehouse was my favorite!we all had such a lovely time & i can't wait for the next trip i will go on! (maybe next weekend!)


mlle.emma: haha really? i've never seen toys. i looked it up & it seems interesting! the windfarm is one of my favorite places. i think it's just a beautiful combination of nature & technology.

april: hello! & thank you, i surely did have fun : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: awesome time nicola! thanks : )

shelbyisms: isn't oh comely awesome?! it kind of reminds me of australia's frankie. the us needs a magazine like them! & haha i'm all excited at the idea of being "published" too :D

natalie: it really is! i love wearing the little hairbow.

k: having a pen buddy IS super cool. i'm sure if you just post on your blog or ask another blogger, they would be happy to write to you! : )

brynna: pen pals are awesome! especially if they are across the world : ). for here--and--there, nicola & i were trying to think of some kind of project that we could do together & incorporate the fact that we lived in two different countries. therefore here--and--there was born!

sarah~mechelle: eeee! yay i can't wait for the package! : ) (i haven't been back to my place where i live on my own, for the past two weeks, so it is probably waiting for me there!). oh & you saw oto-na-ri? sweet! yes, i loved the flower shop! i hope you watched until the very end, because after or during the credits they have a little more. kind of like a little epilogue i suppose.

gemma: hello! i know, right?! i'm going to try my hand at some pipe cleaner people soon.

dandelionkisses: seriously, huh?!? let me know how you like solanin!

linda: ooo! ok ok. i shall accept the challenge soon! thanks!

amy: hehe : ) i don't really read too much manga. i've only read about two. i found nana on youtube & have it saved, so i will be watching it soon! & i'll definitely look up hana kimi! thanks, amy! i will tell her that you said to open an etsy!


  1. WHOA. That sounds a seriously awesome family road trip to me. :D So much delicious food! So many gorgeous views! And so many interesting sights to see! The fairy treehouse is so cute. I'm glad you had a fantastic time :)

  2. oh lina, what a wonderful trip!! your family is so cute :) what was in the brown cup? looks yummy!

  3. Omg what a fantastic trip! Oh, we NEED to take a trip like this this summer! Great pictures, where were you??

  4. So many pretty pictures! Looks like it was an awesome trip!

    Mmm and Calpico! I love that stuff <3

  5. YOU LOOK SUPER cute in all these photos.
    my favourite is the one of you in front of zandra rhodes work. :)
    it looks like you had an amazing time!
    ps, i hope we get to see that polaroid of you!

  6. Jeeej tons of pretty pictures! What a nice trip you took with your family! Hope all is well with you... Have a lovely week!

  7. That really does look like a great trip indeed! I have never seen Lychee Calpico before! I need to try it though!