Sunday, June 27, 2010


spent the afternoon at the beach yesterday. made some veggie wraps & packed the guitar & we were off! it was quite windy at times & a bit chilly, so we didn't really go into the water. but it was fun anyways : )

Friday, June 25, 2010

morning surprises

my mom had so many surprises for us this morning : )

1. she bought fresh strawberries from our local farm. they were so good!

2. early in the morning, she went to the bakery & brought home some hot-from-the-oven senorita rolls for breakfast. they were a-m-a-z-i-n-g as always!

3. after we ate breakfast, she went out to her garden to put a little bouquet together for me to bring to work (to make the office look pretty : )).

she's so sweet :o) thanks mom!


jordan m. williams: yup it is! gg park : )

amy: amazing for sure : )

cookie cutter: oh really?! cool!! haha. yeah they have an awesome selection.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

papi's day

as many of you know, sunday was father's day. so, on father's day, we filled the day with things that papi loves. we spent the day in the city, eating at some famous places & walking in the city's largest park. my father loves to watch man v. food on the travel channel & he wanted to go to ike's place (where one of the episodes was filmed) & try out their sandwiches. they have a whole menu of vegetarian & vegan sandwiches!!! to say the least, it was pretty amazing & if you are ever in the area, definitely check the place out. believe me, it's worth the long line to get inside : )
the park was nice, relaxing, & quite beautiful. we took a ton of fun photos & my mom & papi had fun sliding down the railings with us : )
to end the day, we ate at a burmese restaurant that got my taste buds going crazy happy : ) they prepared the tea leaf salad right at our table & served us our samosa & felafel soup at our table as well. both of these dishes were featured on the food network. i've never had burmese food, but it was amazing! it seemed to be a combination of indian & thai food.
anyways, sorry for the photo overload, but i couldn't pick & choose very well today.... : )

Saturday, June 19, 2010

backyard picnic

this afternoon, wendy, raquel, & i had a picnic in the backyard. we spread out a quilt & ate some homemade pasta salad (vegan for wendy & vegetarian for raquel (i ate both!)). it was really relaxing to just lay out in the sun after a full week of work. (which is why i haven't been posting!)i recently got a couple of packages in the mail! the first is from nicola who sent me british socks & traveling stickers with a nice long letter. the second is from amy who sent me a cute little note with treble clef paper clips & a paper crane. thanks ladies!! packages are on their way soon! i just have to go to the post office : )


liska cole: hello! oh yes, i haven't seen the movie yet. i wanted to wait until i read the book. but lately it seems i can never find time to read it! i must finish it soon though, because i really want to see the movie : )

jordan m. williams: aahhh i hate summer school :/ but maybe i'll see you!

amy & shelbyisms: the banana bread was prrretty good! make some!!

inside the cabinet of wonder: wooo hoo summer! quite well, thank you : ) hope you are too!!

pauline: i love braids too : ) yay you've started it!! i'm excited : ) i'm a complete dean fan! i love all his funny moments & funny faces. what are you?? oh yes, misha who plays castiel, doesn't come until the fourth season i believe. but i already love him! i can't wait until i get to the season when he becomes a regular. you are very welcome for the recommendation!

sarah: i love french braids, but i can never braid my own hair! makes me sad, but maybe if i practice i'll get a little better : )

melly: it is a sweet exchange isn't it? i think everyone should make nice little exchanges for things like that.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

day off

the weather has been getting quite hot lately. summer is here at last, i believe. my day off of work was nicely relaxing. i taught wendy some guitar & braided her hair. & she baked me some vegan banana bread. i love that she is living with me for a month because it's like having your own personal baker in the house : )


kittycat: yum for sure! i go out in the backyard whenever i want a little something special & the raspberries are always so good! i love my playlist too : ) hehe.

jordan m. williams: haha yeah i am, she's on her way home as i type! i think i am. my dad has a tent. i may just be up on weekends or something, i'm not quite sure yet. are you?

amy: they do, don't they? i'm so happy they are just in my backyard.

linda: yes! mustache! haha i love it too.

petunia: supernatural!! eee! we are on season 2 episode 4 now : )

allison: yeah! i have quite a few shows i have to get caught up with too!

broom people: hello! mmm comfort food. my favorite season is winter, so i'm a bit envious of you right now : )

shelbyisms: yay for long comments! haha it's so funny how we have so many things in common, but at the same time, not in common. supernatural is addictive! oh i love michael cera, ever since i saw paper heart, he has really grown on me. but i think the actor who plays the main character is a good fit. i've liked him (who i cannot think of the name right now) since i saw him in the squid & the whale. i'll try & post some fair photos soon!

brit: mmmm that sounds like a perfect breakfast! happy weekend brit : )

pauline: eeee! really?? you should! it's not too violent. i hate scary movies, & i was a little apprehensive to watch it at first, but i really like it now. & yes, there are definitely some funny parts here & there. let me know if you start watching it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


hello! sorry i have not posted in a bit. summer has been really busy so far! i've been working eight hour days at two jobs this week. one as a teaching specialist at a learning center & the other as an exhibit creator at our town's county fair. the second job is really fun & creative. i think i'll post some photos about it soon.

wendy & i have been getting into the show supernatural. we are already on season two : ) we went raspberry picking in my backyard the other day. the berries were so good!i went to abbie's graduation party the other day. there was a mustache pinata! she won it at unique la : ) i thought i'd share it because it looks so cool!

today is my day off, so wendy & i are going to relax, watch adventureland, & go shopping at the $1 store (also try to get as far as we can in season 2 of supernatural!). i'm going to try really hard to get back to blogging on a regular basis!


rachel / red lips vintage: thanks! yeah, i was really happy when i saw those bags of sewing supplies. they were the only ones & i jumped on that opportunity real fast : )

jordan m. williams: haha really?? we are all good here. raquel is coming home for the summer from school this sunday. can't wait to see her!