Thursday, February 24, 2011

at this moment

i have just added a couple of new items to my shop! i'm kind of excited about these new finds i made & wanted to share the love : ) these two vintage plays are perfect for an afternoon of fun with your friends. i could just see it - with tea & fun costumes.
also at this moment i am loving this month's readymade magazine! so amazing. it has a whole section on planning mini trips & adventures. love it. (cellphone photo quality...)
what adventures do you have lined up?
natalie: awww thanks : ) wow! what a neat little fact about hulu! i am so happy about hulu. haha.
inside the cabinet of wonder: yes yes i can i can! thanks nicola : ) oh...& i haven't gotten your package yet...but i'm sure it's on its way!
dandelionkisses: isn't that guy dope? (lol i never used that word before...ha!) & yeah, papi has one of those asian guys too...& he actually uses it as an ear scratcher hehe.
allison: thanks a bunch! the food was very yummy & i'm going to heat up the leftovers right now for lunch!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this is just too neat

when i watched this my eyes got really big & my mouth dropped. so amazingly cool.
what a slick guy. i mean look at those socks!
found it on shauna & stephen's blog.


hi! wow i've been really busy lately! i haven't had time to look at all of your awesome blogs, let alone blog on my own :/ lately my life has been looking like this photo (taken with my bad quality!). i've been working on homework whenever i have a chance. even with lunch : ) yummy lunch by the way! vegetable udon at a place called bento box (cute name!). it was super good.
so, grad school has been taking it's toll on me. but i've been pushing through! i just finished this semester's first term paper on environmentalism & religion. quite interesting. & i'm really loving that environmental sociology class.
ok, well i will try to blog more. & look on your blogs too! it's tough least right now.
oh & last thing i want to tell you is that i've been watching a lot of korean tv shows on hulu lately...haha i guess some of my time has been going there lately. but i need some me time, so i'm fine with that : ) (oh & i ate the udon because after watching all of those korean shows i was craving some food like that...hehe.)
yellowblue: oh how wonderful! it must have been a really neat exhibit! the card that wendy gave me is a vintage one & i love it : )
shelbyisms: haha shelby : ) she sent you a package too?!
amy: i know, right?!
natalie: the bracelet is so neat! one time when i was visiting wendy, we made all kinds of friendship bracelets. it was way fun : )
dandelionkisses: your package made me giddy & happy! haha & i don't know if you know this, but the asian guy is an ear!
inside the cabinet of wonder: aww happy valentines day nicola! i hope it was brilliant : )
k: yes yes! i need to make some friendship bracelets soon.... : )
carissa clark: CARISSA! i'm so glad you are back!! haha but now i am kind of but i'm trying to make a comeback now lol. missed you!
brit: the handkerchief fits perfectly in my collection : )
jhames stewart: hello! thanks! yeah, i love the color of the bottle too! glass bottles can be so beautiful. & i love that it is the recycled glass ones you buy : )

Monday, February 14, 2011

from wendy

i got a package in the mail from wendy this weekend. i loved it so much! it had so many cute & pretty things in it. she's a great package giver : )hibiscus pineapple lychee tea = really yummy!!awesome friendship bracelet that matches my house sweater!lovely vintage hankie for my collectionpolaroid of us looking silly : ) & beautiful fabric scraps were a few of the wonderful items in the package. it made me so happy : ) thank you so much wendy! i'm gathering items for your package already!

my internet has been acting up lately so i haven't been able to blog as much as i like.

happy valentines day to you all! i hope you do something special today for yourself & others : )


liska cole: really?? haha how neat! yes, i've definitely have seen amelie (one of my favorite movies!).

natalie: i absolutely adore the coin purse. it's a perfect addition to my coin purse collection. & i'm sending the mushroom off to a pen pal! with everything under a dollar, it made it even more exciting! hehe.

amy: the owl is a trivet i believe, or you could probably hang it on your wall too.

cb: hello! oh wow!! i saw that it IS the same owl! haha how awesomely peculiar! almost whimsical in a way : )

clark: i totally agree! haha. moms always just know what to do to make things better : )

sarah~mechelle: yes! i think i did know that. maybe the "op" stands for opportunity?? hehe.

olivia juliann crabtree: hello! haha i try my best at being a master thrifter! i like that title : )

liz: yes definitely three cheers! ooo! i want to see what you found! did you blog about it? i'm going to check : )

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i went thrifting over the weekend with my mom. she is one of my most favorite people to go thrifting with. i just wanted to share what i found with you. i got some pretty neat things & nothing was over $1!


shelbyisms: awww! i love that you did that : ) that makes me really happy. i wonder how far the card will go? hehe.

natalie: it's peppermint ice cream, alisa's favorite. i was worried that i wouldn't be able to find some because they usually only make it for christmas time. but i found it! yes, they are tulips!

amy: i do teach a paper making class : ) it's for a community youth group called 4-H. i am the arts & crafts leader & this year we are making paper all kinds of different ways. it's really quite fun : ) wendy recommended priceless as well! i should definitely see that one then. thanks!

allison: ooo! ok i will look it up. thanks so much allison!

dandelionkisses: hehe awww thanks wendy. ily2 : )

micaela: wasn't it a good movie?? i enjoyed it for sure : ) & thanks for all the suggestions! i'm going to look them up to watch : )

hellomissa: oh i know! we were looking for you at church to invite you over too! oh well :] yes tanaka! haha i took self defense from him about 4 years ago. loved him! he is so awesome. are you taking self defense or judo?

Monday, February 7, 2011

party time

hello everyone : ) wow. i'm sorry i haven't blog in a whole week. i have been so busy with homework & life. i went home for a five day visit with my parents because i had to teach my paper making class & to celebrate alisa's birthday.
alisa came over for lunch & i was so excited, so i decorated the dining room & made some food. i used my vintage table cloth, hung some bunting & streamers, put out some crowns that i made a while back for everyone to wear. it looked so cheery & alisa was happy & surprised : ) (sorry about the cellphone photo quality!)i've been watching a few french films lately. a quite amusing one, heartbreaker, is worth a watch. any other french film suggestions? happy febuary!

replies: (wow so many! hi everyone :D)

dandelionkisses: for the letters photo i used a placemat from lydia hehe. & of course publicity for your shop!! : ) miss you.

k: awww : ) that makes me happy. & i think that is my only wall that is big & empty enough to put things on.

amy: aww amy! haha. yay for etsy's! yes! i just eat the tj's masala burgers by themselves. they are so good. awww i love sanrio, morning glory, etc. stuff too! & my parents are determined for this year to drive too...ugh. lol. i'm excited about seattle!! i hope i can go : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh good i'm glad you like that i reply : ) ohhh!! i got your christmas present! thank you so much! i really really love it!!

alexia: oh gooood. & yes i believe it is haha. i actually think i got it from your's or carissa's blog & liked it so much that i wrote it with sharpie on printer paper & taped it to my wall. haha.

chelsea jade: ohhh putting together packages & decorating them is one of my favorite things to do : )

sarah~mechelle: oh yes. i absolutely love getting & sending letters & packages : ) & of course i would like a new pen pal. hehe. i'll leave my email in a comment on your blog & you can send me your address. yay!

linda;: hello! oh thank you : ) yes, i love both the music & the quote.

chelsea talks smack: hello! & thank you : )

jazzy e (hivennn): oh! i will see if you're giveaway is still going on! i'm sorry i am just checking it out now!

asunlitday: hello! it is called bunting! i love it & making them is easy. you should totally make one for your self : )

danica: i completely agree that snail mail is the best : )

allison: oh! haha ok ok : )

natalie: i'm very sure that you don't have limited creativity ability! i mean, you do have a blog & that is quite creative : ) & redoing your room is a perfect project for summer! yes, replying is taking quite a bit of time haha.

g: awww! get some pen pals! they are truly one of my favorite things. & little boy says "hi" : )

shelbyisms: why thank you very much shelby dear : )

hellomissa: aww melissa that mail story is so cute! yes & technology makes life easier, but it also takes away from the personalbility (is that even a word?? lol) of people. & i do read & love each comment i get! & i know that i would like to read replies if i left comments for other. so that's why i do it : ) missed you at church!

lauren: i love kitty photos too! haha. on tumblr i am always reblogging kitty photos. & i want my own kitty too!! little boy is my housemates cat :/ but he is good (for now!). p.s. the triangle banners are called bunting : ) & absolutely love them too.

liz: hello! why thank you very much! & of course you can participate in the pay it forward hehe. i'll leave my email on a comment on your blog & you can email me your address!

shinh: hello! eeee! thanks & cheers : )