Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i went thrifting over the weekend with my mom. she is one of my most favorite people to go thrifting with. i just wanted to share what i found with you. i got some pretty neat things & nothing was over $1!


shelbyisms: awww! i love that you did that : ) that makes me really happy. i wonder how far the card will go? hehe.

natalie: it's peppermint ice cream, alisa's favorite. i was worried that i wouldn't be able to find some because they usually only make it for christmas time. but i found it! yes, they are tulips!

amy: i do teach a paper making class : ) it's for a community youth group called 4-H. i am the arts & crafts leader & this year we are making paper all kinds of different ways. it's really quite fun : ) wendy recommended priceless as well! i should definitely see that one then. thanks!

allison: ooo! ok i will look it up. thanks so much allison!

dandelionkisses: hehe awww thanks wendy. ily2 : )

micaela: wasn't it a good movie?? i enjoyed it for sure : ) & thanks for all the suggestions! i'm going to look them up to watch : )

hellomissa: oh i know! we were looking for you at church to invite you over too! oh well :] yes tanaka! haha i took self defense from him about 4 years ago. loved him! he is so awesome. are you taking self defense or judo?


  1. What great finds! For all under a buck, too. That's always an added bonus. :D The little coin purse is too cute. And the mushroom too!

  2. Awesome finds!
    I love the owl :)

  3. wow those are some awesome finds! i love that mushroom patch and i just got one of those iron owls too!!! i haven't hung yet but maybe tonight!


  4. Ya can't beat thrifting and mothers. Combining the two has got to be nothing but greatness.

  5. These are sweet little things!
    Here 'thrift' shops are called 'op shops'. Although come to think of it I have no idea what the 'op' stands for.
    Either way it is loads of fun.

  6. Some amazing finds! You are a master thrifter!

  7. three cheers for thrifting! i went today and was quite successful as well! have a happy weekend!

  8. Those are some seriously awesome finds! I should start taking photos of my thrifting goodies. I love thrifting so much. :) :) :)