Thursday, September 30, 2010


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i'm having trouble, for some reason, uploading photos tonight. so these are from a post i created a few weeks ago.

so, tonight when i came home from class, i put the tv on to get ready to watch greys anatomy (love that show) while i made my dinner. the show my generation was ending & all of a sudden i heard mumford & sons. i got totally excited to hear them on tv. then, at the end of greys anatomy they were playing mumford & sons again! i was so surprised. & happy.

this morning i was talking to my mom on the phone & she told me, "oh, you can see two guys at the same time, you know. it's ok." & if you knew my mom, your mouth would drop like mine did when i heard her say that. i was shocked & laughing for a while after that.

one last thing, this is what i was trying to upload to show you. i'll probably still upload it later, but it is the holstee manifesto. i saw it on hearblack & printed it out right away. it's now on my wall, just above my mumford & sons post-its.


dandelionkisses: oh, did you finish the book?? she does make paper, doesn't she? oh & readymade is doing a year subscription for only $6.99 so now is the perfect time to subscribe : )

natalie: you are sweet : ) & i love teaching my arts & crafts class!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i got my readymade magazine in the mail this weekend. i seriously love this magazine. it's full of diy projects, helpful hints, and all kinds of recipes. i especially like the little write-up about anna allen's line of clothes. her clothes are so neat!

i have to start thrifting for wooden frames that i can use to make mould & deckles from for papermaking. (to make one, see my tutorial). i'm going to be teaching my arts & crafts group of girls how to make paper this coming monday. i'm really excited because it will be an ongoing project for this year. i'll let you know how monday's class goes : )

i'll leave you with these two post-its i made that are stuck to my wall by my nightstand. they are both quotes i love from mumford & sons songs. just excuse my silly penmanship!


amy: the movie was good!! you should see it. but i think it's one of those movies that either you love or let me know which one you are : ) oh & this summer trip sounds interesting! i'll message you soon!

shelbyisms: love them! do you know if they have any of their stuff on youtube?

dandelionkisses: see the movie!! let me know what you think. oh & i really think you would love the boba tea. for sure.

natalie: it was hard to say goodbye, but i know i'll see her again soon : )

allison: oh it is! i had no idea what i was missing!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

goodbye raquel

i went down to los angeles area this weekend to move my sister into her university this weekend. i'm going to miss her! while on the trip, cameron took me to a boba cafe. it was the first time i ever had boba tea. it was yummy :o)at the hotel, we were all so sleepy & everyone fell asleep on my bed. i thought it looked a neat photo, how they were all curled up together.i just got home from the trip & am now watching this movie called uncertainty. so far it's pretty good! i love the colors in the film. plus joseph gordon-levitt is in it, so.... : )thank you all so much for all of the awesome music suggestions! they really made the long drive down south bearable : )

i'm headed back to my new place tomorrow. i really need to go grocery shopping...


dandelionkisses: oh i love the album cover too! aaahhh radical face : )

amy: awesome list amy! thank you. since you were the first person to list songs, i downloaded them & put them all on my ipod for my trip right away. they were perfect. i especially love plane & in our talons.

pauline: really liked wasted hours! it's like really...chill : )

liska cole: girls have so many good songs! i really liked lauren marie.

shelbyisms: "a fine frenzy had a baby with mumford and sons and i am so ok with that" - love this!! haha. i tried to find the music on the myspace, but i couldn't... :/

natalie: hello! oh i am so flattered! you are so sweet : ) i love how there is like this whole blog family around. black coffin was just a fun song! & fun is awesome!! i love all the pretty girls. thanks for the suggestions :D

carissa clark: we do have quite a bit in common : ) i'm so sad about castledoor too! :/ i love love laura marling. thanks for recommending her! oh & grouplove, just listened to them - amazing! thanks hun!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

music exchange

photos: 1, 2

i've been stressed all week.

i'm sorry i haven't been updating as much as i would like!

the visit with the family was nice & relaxing.

i need some new music. i'm hoping you all can help me with it : ) i like indie folk rock mostly...does that make sense? anyways, stuff like mumford & sons, radical face, & beirut.

& here are a few songs i would like to share with you: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (my favorite right now is 3)

so, please leave song suggestions in the comments! thanks loves : )


dandelionkisses: let me know when you are home.

amy: it totally was : )

shelbyisms: weee! i'm excited : )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

this afternoon

i'm enjoying a relaxing sabbath afternoon visiting with my family. raquel made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies & now she is making a collage. i am planning to get some crafting in this afternoon too.
i recently labeled all of my posts & i added some of the labels on my sidebar. but now i cannot figure out how to have them show up at the end of each post. can anyone help with that??
i'll leave you with some giveaway links!! brinja is giving away two lovely bird brooches here. & sarah is giving away the cutest little reversible drawstring bag here.
brit: thanks brit! & yeah...i can't decide if i want to buy it or not...hmmm : )
dandelionkisses: yes i do, & actually i didn't realize, but i like it with just the birds & not the rose photo. it looks neat!!
pauline: oh how cool! it's a real commitment. & part time would be the way to go if you have a job for sure. let me know if you do start the grad school thing. i'm studying sociology. i'm hoping to be a professor at a community college eventually. & my address is the same(ish) i will just get it when i visit my family again. i can send you my new one too (i just have to check with the lady i live with to make sure it's ok)! thanks : )
amy: hehe. yuuumm.
molly: hello! yes it is! are you (or were you) in grad school? what are (were) you studying?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

grad school

week three of grad school is almost over! it's been tough, but i've been tougher : )
it's so weird how different grad school is to undergraduate school. for one thing there are no more tests! yay! but now i actually have to read my textbooks & studies.

this is breakfast. polenta & tea.
i'm headed home on friday for the weekend to visit my family. should be nice.

ok i guess that's all for now...
oh! i think i really want to get this.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

new item

i just added this vintage memo notebook to my shop! [SOLD] it reminds me of school days.
it's been hard to add new things in the shop lately because i've been busy! but i'm hoping to add more little by little.

today, i'm off to a tamale festival with maricela! i can't wait to eat some tamales. yum.


dandelionkisses: dude, i was balling when they let you know about the office being in the twin towers, all the way to the end. thanks for introducing me to the song!

linda: oh yes! let me know how you like it for sure. hehe. us & are same movie tastes :)

brit: yes! i was crying at that moment. it felt very real.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

saturday afternoon

it's been a lazy saturday afternoon today. i finally have some time to blog! these are a few photos of my room i'm renting. it came already furnished, which is a big plus!
i watched a few movies recently. the first one is remember me. i really liked it. but it's heart breaking what each member of the family has to go through. especially the youngest. robert pattinson was quite good in it. & i love emilie de ravin : )the other one i watched was gigantic. it was kind of weird at parts. but i like the idea of paul dano's character wanting to adopt a baby. & plus zooey's in it so.... : )

i've been excited for all of my tv shows to start up again! can't wait.

i found a new favorite song! found out about it from wendy.

oh! one more thing - dawn of handmadelove is in need of any old pillows you don't have a need for anymore. check it out here.

remembering 9/11


amy: eee! they are fun. wow, that's kind of awesome actually.

thy lady: zines ARE the best. ooo, that would be cool :o) yes! i can't wait to see your zine!

dandelionkisses: haha right after i typed that asking you, i looked it up on google using the lyrics & downloaded it right away. it's soooo good.

Monday, September 6, 2010

new zines

these are the new zines i bought at the san francsico zine fest. it was neat to see all the cool zines that were around. bought something from kimmy phi & of course i had to stop by false start & pick up a zine (they always have the best zines!).


dandelionkisses: hehe. i knew you would appreciate the happy chickens & all : ) i love that shirt too. i love hand me downs. haha it probably is something he would do. he should get ideas from it lol.

amy: isn't it though? i loved staying there. aww coyotes :(

inside the cabinet of wonder: i knew you would like that bench :o). my new city is pretty good. can be a tad lonely because i still have to meet people (because everyone i knew from before have graduated...). but i'm going out, taking the bus around town. i just went to a greek festival & had yummy food : )) but i will be writing soon to fill you in on more details!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

zine fest

i'm going here today. i'm excited : )

abbie's house

here are photos of abbie's new house! she lives there with five other people. the home is very environmentally friendly : ) & the house has the nicest garden of fruits & veggies.

this hammock is in the front yard! & it's so pretty.they keep their totes for shopping by the door to go outside.the living roomrecord player!abbie's room door is on the right.her door has a beautiful antique doorknobher roomthe kitchen! i love the windows by the sink.the gate to the gardenthey even have chickens for fresh eggs!the patio & gardenthe garden, complete with mural i was so happy to spend time there. it was a relaxing house : )


g: hello! eee! i know, i was thinking the same thing while i was sitting there. hehe. it was totally surreal : )

melly: yeah, they did put a plaque on it! haha. i like what it says "tom's favorite place became one of summer's too." tamales! hehe. & no they weren't filming. it was just this creepy guy who walked around the streets by the museum, posing & stuff. there were people walking by & taking pictures.

inna karenina: it totally was : )