Saturday, September 11, 2010

saturday afternoon

it's been a lazy saturday afternoon today. i finally have some time to blog! these are a few photos of my room i'm renting. it came already furnished, which is a big plus!
i watched a few movies recently. the first one is remember me. i really liked it. but it's heart breaking what each member of the family has to go through. especially the youngest. robert pattinson was quite good in it. & i love emilie de ravin : )the other one i watched was gigantic. it was kind of weird at parts. but i like the idea of paul dano's character wanting to adopt a baby. & plus zooey's in it so.... : )

i've been excited for all of my tv shows to start up again! can't wait.

i found a new favorite song! found out about it from wendy.

oh! one more thing - dawn of handmadelove is in need of any old pillows you don't have a need for anymore. check it out here.

remembering 9/11


amy: eee! they are fun. wow, that's kind of awesome actually.

thy lady: zines ARE the best. ooo, that would be cool :o) yes! i can't wait to see your zine!

dandelionkisses: haha right after i typed that asking you, i looked it up on google using the lyrics & downloaded it right away. it's soooo good.


  1. Your room is cute :)
    Oooh I love Remember Me but I cried.
    Awww, I inspired your new favorite song!
    How exciting, it's mine too! Yay ^_^

  2. Ooooh! Have to check out "Remember me" then.... I also saw Gigantic and agree completely ;))
    Hope you're doing great!

  3. I loved the movie remember me! The moment they zoom out on Robert P. and you can see the twin towers I was like "nooooo :O". Kind of a cool (but sad) twist to the story.

  4. I've been meaning to see Remember Me. He gets a lot of bad publicity but I do like Rob Pattinson... Ever since he played Cedeic Diggory :)

  5. oh, I have been meaning to see Gigantic for a while - hopefully I'll find a lazy weekend afternoon for it soon.