Sunday, September 12, 2010

new item

i just added this vintage memo notebook to my shop! [SOLD] it reminds me of school days.
it's been hard to add new things in the shop lately because i've been busy! but i'm hoping to add more little by little.

today, i'm off to a tamale festival with maricela! i can't wait to eat some tamales. yum.


dandelionkisses: dude, i was balling when they let you know about the office being in the twin towers, all the way to the end. thanks for introducing me to the song!

linda: oh yes! let me know how you like it for sure. hehe. us & are same movie tastes :)

brit: yes! i was crying at that moment. it felt very real.


  1. this is going to be a bit weird, but. yesterday i found a candle at the market that screams lina (not literally), so i bought it. i would really like to mail it to you, but i totally understand if you decline my address request because we really don't know each other that well. ha.

  2. I KNOW me too it was horrible, I hate crying at the theater :/
    But I love them together, the chemistry was great.