Sunday, September 5, 2010

abbie's house

here are photos of abbie's new house! she lives there with five other people. the home is very environmentally friendly : ) & the house has the nicest garden of fruits & veggies.

this hammock is in the front yard! & it's so pretty.they keep their totes for shopping by the door to go outside.the living roomrecord player!abbie's room door is on the right.her door has a beautiful antique doorknobher roomthe kitchen! i love the windows by the sink.the gate to the gardenthey even have chickens for fresh eggs!the patio & gardenthe garden, complete with mural i was so happy to spend time there. it was a relaxing house : )


g: hello! eee! i know, i was thinking the same thing while i was sitting there. hehe. it was totally surreal : )

melly: yeah, they did put a plaque on it! haha. i like what it says "tom's favorite place became one of summer's too." tamales! hehe. & no they weren't filming. it was just this creepy guy who walked around the streets by the museum, posing & stuff. there were people walking by & taking pictures.

inna karenina: it totally was : )

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  1. what a lovely home!
    and garden! i'd love to have egg laying chickens... though i fear coyotes would get them here. :(