Monday, September 6, 2010

new zines

these are the new zines i bought at the san francsico zine fest. it was neat to see all the cool zines that were around. bought something from kimmy phi & of course i had to stop by false start & pick up a zine (they always have the best zines!).


dandelionkisses: hehe. i knew you would appreciate the happy chickens & all : ) i love that shirt too. i love hand me downs. haha it probably is something he would do. he should get ideas from it lol.

amy: isn't it though? i loved staying there. aww coyotes :(

inside the cabinet of wonder: i knew you would like that bench :o). my new city is pretty good. can be a tad lonely because i still have to meet people (because everyone i knew from before have graduated...). but i'm going out, taking the bus around town. i just went to a greek festival & had yummy food : )) but i will be writing soon to fill you in on more details!


  1. The zine fest looks like a lot of fun. :)
    Yeah, we don't get them too often but we've had coyotes in our backyard on more than one occasion.

  2. Zines are the best am I right? oui oui! ^_^ I should send you some from where I work! & I've almost finished my own zines too! hurrah! xx

  3. Ooooh! Yes I meant to tell you to check out my new song! :D
    I knew you would like it :)
    It's by Radical Face called Welcome Home.
    I know the houses were stunning, the pictures hardly do them justice.