Friday, September 3, 2010

new & improved

hello everyone! i am sorry i haven't been blogging in quite a while & have not been commenting on your lovely blogs as well. i have been quite busy lately. a few days after i got back from visiting abbie in los angeles, i moved out of my parent's house to a different city! i've been busy settling in my new place & going to my graduate school classes. life has been pretty hectic! but i will try very hard to keep you all update like before : )

as you know, i went to los angeles for a week to visit my dear friend abbie. it was quite an adventure! we did so many cool things. abbie had the whole week planned out so perfectly. i want to show you ALL of the photos i took, but i believe that will be a tad overwhelming & take too long! so, here is the edited version of my trip:

i'm so light compared to abbie : )the cool walls inside the metroabbie surprised me & took me to the places in downtown la that they filmed 500 days of summer! this is the iconic park bench.& this is where tom met autumn at the end of the movie.i thought the ceiling of the observatory we went to looked neat.& of course, a vacation would not be a vacation for me with out some tasty vegetarian food! abbie took me to some of her favorite veggie places & some new ones. i'll link you to the places, if you are ever in the area : )

this is cafe muse. it's a really chill cafe with a mini art gallery & night time entertainment. serves only vegetarian food.mama's hot tamales cafe has some of the best tamales i have ever tasted.after a recommendation from liska, we checked out elf cafe. the food was absolutely amazing! & the place had a great atmosphere. serves only vegetarian food. (sorry the photos are bad quality!)the lights outside of lacma were so cool!i'll leave you with this creepy photo. i was taking pictures outside of lacma & the guy dressed as jesus was walking around posing. it was pretty strange. haha.

i'll be back to show you photos of abbie's awesome house!


jessica: oooo! a book that is going to be a movie? awesome. i'm going to check it out. thanks for the suggestion!

pauline: oh i'm glad the got to you ok! i'm so happy you love them! & i'm happy i made something that will help you both have sweet dreams : )


  1. This all looks like so much fun. I've never been to LA but I'd really like to... and I'm super jealous that you got to see 'THE' park bench from 500 days of summer. That's one of my favourite films ever. YOU SAT WHERE JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT SAT!! and zooey deschanel, for that matter!!! wowzers xx

  2. Hahaha I cannot believe they put a plaque/sign on the bench! It sure looks like you did so much and ate such good food, damn I need to find a place that serves tamales here.

    Btw, were they filming something outside of the lacma? That is really too weird!

  3. oh lina, thats such an amazing trip.
    the 500 days of summer bench is simply awesome!
    let me know how you are getting on in your new city when you get the chance, i miss getting mail from you. :) hope life is awesome, well, it kinda looks awesome! hehe. xx

  4. Wow all these photos are wonderful! I love how she and her roommates live all eco friendly and own chickens! And all that food looks amazing.
    I am sooo jealous you got to go to the 500 days of summer sites!! Omg that Jesus guy reminds me of something Daniel would do.Hahaha. Creeper. Oh and btw the cream shirt with the detail in the front you are wearing is sooo cute! Love.

  5. that is so perfect! i love 500 days of summer! :) and you actually went to their place as well is so lovely! :D :D