Wednesday, February 13, 2013


it was so very foggy this morning when i went on my daily walk at 8am. i rather liked it.

i hate driving. like i'm literally scared to drive. i only got my license a year & four months ago & i'm 25. haha. but today i drove two cities over for work on the freeway. i was pretty proud of myself : )

tomorrow i am waking up early to take the train to visit miguel for valentine's day. we have simple plans.

i saw this trailer for the first time today. i loved it & can't wait to see the film. a new film by michel gondry!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

one year

miguel & i got away to celebrate our one year anniversary last week. we took a short road trip to the coast & stayed at a lovely inn designed by a protege of frank lloyd wright. our ocean view room had a loft & i was smitten. we had an incredible time together & had fun exploring the peace obelisk on the inn's property & thrifting & antiquing the next day in the nearby town. it was perfect. i can't get over how perfect it was actually. i am quite content : )

miguel LOVED the wooden picture i made him. he was really impressed with it : )

Thursday, February 7, 2013

crafting for miguel

 i made miguel a wooden picture! it was great. lizzie & i worked on it in the morning & then later again that night. it takes a while to completely dry. i used this video tutorial to make it. if you have any questions, just ask!
 representing the blogger family! hehe :D
 there were a few air bubbles which caused some missing parts, but when i gave it to him last night for our one year anniversary, he absolutely loved it! :D made me happy.
 yesterday was a year since miguel & i started dating. it's crazy how time flies! today he took me out for breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places we used to go to often when we both lived in apartments three blocks away from each other. it was a good breakfast : )

we then went & saw warm bodies. cute movie! miguel quite enjoyed it as well. now i am sitting in the campus library while he is in class & then we leave straight from school to the coast to spend the night at an amazing inn with an ocean view room! i'm so excited : )