Saturday, February 28, 2009

breakfast is the most important meal of the day

i ate breakfast with my mom today. we had cold cereal. my favorite is crispix. so yummy! my mom bought a new cereal to try called mighty bites. it is like little people! what's your favorite cereal?
raquel: of course i did! elijah kelly:]
melissa: it was a good tag! i really liked it. & other people are doing it now too & it started with you!
mandy: i love musicals too! even though you are new to blogger you are catching on great! i love your blog:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: you're welcome! wasn't it fun? i'm excited to see the pictures of your birds :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what's in my bag tag & hairspray

lydia & i watched hairspray together last night. she loved it! & i forgot how much i loved the clothes on it!

melissa tagged me to show what's in my bag. here it is! thanks melissa:] i tag: raindrops on roses, oh, lizzie., inside the cabinet of wonder, my paper heart, & kiddet.
& my sister made a new blog on food called oh! yum. go check it out & she will love any comments:]
allison: oh yeah i loved that too! it made it more special for the past oscar winners to talk to the nominees individually. if you see slumdog millionaire, you should post about it so i know how it is :D.

Monday, February 23, 2009

little gold man

yes, the oscars were last night & i saw the whole thing:D this is a clip from my favorite part, the musicals! starring hugh jackman, beyoncé knowels, amanda seyfried & dominic cooper of mamma mia!, & vanessa hudgens & zac efron of the high school musical series. i loved how i knew all the songs. enjoy!

oh, & a BIG shout out to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!
melissa: haha yeah, i was confused at first too! for a bigger version just click on the photo. i think that will work. & that's fine, take any idea you want from my page:]
mandy: oh no, thank you for making an awesome blog! & yes the stickers were fun, they are actually my moms, but i took one for myself:]

Saturday, February 21, 2009


scenes from church today: stained glass, stickers for kids, flowers by the pulpit, friends in the pew, texting during service x2, parents & the bible, & me in the phone. alison: oh i know! it really is a good movie. very sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

tea & movie

feeling a tad under the weather today. hope i get better soon, next week are the first tests in most of my classes. tonight i'm drinking tea & seeing a walk to remember with mom. that movie brings a lot of memories from high school:] have a fantastic weekend!

photo from imdb
abbie: abbie!! oh i've missed you. i'm happy to hear you like my page. it means a lot:] love you.
inside the cabinet of wonder: don't you just wish you had endless rooms to put wallpaper in? haha. now that would be something. & i'm happy to hear you like the music! do you know any of the bands?
the cherry blog: haha. yes they are simply amazing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wallpaper please

i was browsing through my copy of the february issue of domino today (with zooey on the cover!) & i stoped at a small write-up about wallpaper. i already love regular paper, but wallpaper?! i think it is simply amazing. i found a few i thought were incredible from walnut wallpaper:

mariah: you should buy one :D
inside the cabinet of wonder: i meant it! & i am so glad it makes you smile. that's what i hope to accomplish. & everything is wonderful today!
joanita: good! i'm glad:]
maria: it was! i seem to love taking pictures of food...

Monday, February 16, 2009


hello! first of all, thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments the last few days! every comment i get makes me feel special:] thank you for that.
i've been kinda lazy lately, not wanting to do anything. but know i have to snap back into it because it's back to school i go for the week. my whole family gets today off because it is president's day weekend. everyone but me:/ so they are going to take a day trip & drive me back to the university. this makes me happy because that means i can show them around my campus. it will be fun.
my friend jeremy & i were able to attend a preview screening of the international before it came out into theaters. it was pretty good, but i think it was missing something. maybe they didn't develop the story like the could have? i don't know. but clive owen was in it, so that was nice:D
photos from imdb
cassaundra: i'm sorry i didn't reply before! i don't know what happened. but yes it is a lovely book. i highly recommend it. & there are other pictures just as adorable as that one!
allison: you're welcome & you deserve it! & yeah that movie is greatly inspired. that scene is my favorite. & actually that twilight quote is my favorite too...
p: oh, you are welcome! i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day:]
jesska: welcome! & your post was great!
jane: my pleasure:]
caitlin: oh i'm glad!
jessica: hello! i know, aren't they though?
muchlove: oh good. yeah that link made me happy.
melissa: haha. oh melissa. & thank you for the paper:]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

you are my kind of beautiful

happy valentine's day to everyone out there! here is a liitle collection of cute love things (most of them from here) enjoy:]

what took you so long?

still can't get enough? try here. you won't be sorry:] they are written by a guy to his girl.

Friday, February 13, 2009

my first award! & my first tag:]

i received my first award! i was so excited when i got it from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder. thanks nicola! "your blog is fabulous" it says. if i could i would give her the award too, but i don't think that's the point...:] she gave it to four people, so i will do the same! i give this fabulous award to (drum roll please): tartan tutus, what possessed me, ticklesinmytummy, & looking through mauve-colored glasses. enjoy your award!
i also was tagged for the first time by nicola:D she's so nice. it's the "four tag." here it is:
a: four places that i go to over and over: the train station, my house by the university, my home (parent's), bus transfer station.
b: four people who email me regularly: antonio:], my library, blogger comments, students for social change club.
c: four favourite smells: coffee shop, fresh laundry, lavender, fresh basil.
d: four places i would rather be right now: at a thrift store, at the library, somewhere in europe, at a castledoor concert.
e: four people i tag: ungtblod, thousand threads, ticklesinmytummy, & brinja.
daniela: it is really cute. i love that book. & you're welcome:]
jordan:thank you! everyone is doing pretty good. i'll e-mail you what i know of raymond's soon.
jesska: yes! that cardboard box picture was my favorite all growing up & it still is:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: my thanks to you :D
sara: you're welcome! oh i know, used book sales are the best.
toothache and vinyl: :D & hello!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little house of your own

when my sister & i were young we went to a lot of library book sales with our mom. we loved them! we loaded up on all kinds of books & they were always really cheap. one year my sister bought a book called a little house of your own (1954) by beatrice schenk de regniers. it says that every boy & girl should have a little place that they can call their own where they can do things they like to do. i remembered how much i loved that book & decided to try to buy it online. i searched for it & found out that it is out of print. i found a copy on ebay though & it came about a month ago. i just love the illustrations in it done by irene haas.

jesska: thank you again!

allison: :]

Monday, February 9, 2009


my sister & i have a new blog together. go check it out! quellina.

angelica!: oh! thank you! & you should really try the couscous recipe!

melissa: thanks you:] it was fun wasn't it?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

posole & couscous

yesterday, raquel & i had melissa over for lunch. raquel made her couscous salad & i made my vegetarian posole. everything turned out so yummy!raquel's couscous salad has corn, black beans, bell pepper, onion, garlic, & cilantro.
my vegetarian posole has hominy & veggie chicken strips in it.

then you add cabbage, onion, lemon juice, & oregano to it.

i ate mine with a corn tortilla.

we then had mint & chip ice cream in cones:]

thanks to all who commented nice words about maximus! he's happy to hear them:]

p: isn't he? :] he makes me happy.

allision: yup!

brinja: thanks :D

melissa: haha yeah. umm i think like two?

inside the cabinet of wonder: thank you! really?? she's scared of fish?

wendysmusings: oh wendy you're so silly! i like it:]