Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wallpaper please

i was browsing through my copy of the february issue of domino today (with zooey on the cover!) & i stoped at a small write-up about wallpaper. i already love regular paper, but wallpaper?! i think it is simply amazing. i found a few i thought were incredible from walnut wallpaper:

mariah: you should buy one :D
inside the cabinet of wonder: i meant it! & i am so glad it makes you smile. that's what i hope to accomplish. & everything is wonderful today!
joanita: good! i'm glad:]
maria: it was! i seem to love taking pictures of food...


  1. i love just being on your page to see the pretty things and listening to the music. it calms my soul.

  2. oh these are such wonderful wallpapers!! i want them all!! i very much love the first one and the 6th one!!
    they are beautiful.
    i would love to find a beautiful wallpaper like one of those!
    the music is fab!
    loving your blog as always!

    oh i love the sock monkey in the top picture. i have always wanted one.

  3. eek I LOVE wallpaper! out of your chosen list I heart numbers 8,11 and 13 - lush! xx