Friday, February 13, 2009

my first award! & my first tag:]

i received my first award! i was so excited when i got it from nicola of inside the cabinet of wonder. thanks nicola! "your blog is fabulous" it says. if i could i would give her the award too, but i don't think that's the point...:] she gave it to four people, so i will do the same! i give this fabulous award to (drum roll please): tartan tutus, what possessed me, ticklesinmytummy, & looking through mauve-colored glasses. enjoy your award!
i also was tagged for the first time by nicola:D she's so nice. it's the "four tag." here it is:
a: four places that i go to over and over: the train station, my house by the university, my home (parent's), bus transfer station.
b: four people who email me regularly: antonio:], my library, blogger comments, students for social change club.
c: four favourite smells: coffee shop, fresh laundry, lavender, fresh basil.
d: four places i would rather be right now: at a thrift store, at the library, somewhere in europe, at a castledoor concert.
e: four people i tag: ungtblod, thousand threads, ticklesinmytummy, & brinja.
daniela: it is really cute. i love that book. & you're welcome:]
jordan:thank you! everyone is doing pretty good. i'll e-mail you what i know of raymond's soon.
jesska: yes! that cardboard box picture was my favorite all growing up & it still is:]
inside the cabinet of wonder: my thanks to you :D
sara: you're welcome! oh i know, used book sales are the best.
toothache and vinyl: :D & hello!


  1. Thanks for the award, Lina!


  2. You are so sweet, Lina! Thank you so much. Happy Valentine's Day xxoxo

  3. Thank you! I'm still thinking of my four things for each but will post in the next few days :)