Wednesday, February 4, 2009

meet maximus

here is maximus my new fish! he is a dark blue betta. isn't he handsome? it was a long ride on the bus for him yesterday, & i tried very hard not to walk too fast on my way home. but he survived! i think he is adapting very well in his new home. sorry the pictures are a bit blurry...he kept moving!


  1. Hey congrats on your new pet. He is real pretty:)

  2. omg you did! haha, sorry. you should try again next time! i wasn't scheduled for today. were there a lot of workers?

  3. oh maximus is pretty amazing! he is beautiful.
    i really really want a fish..but i cant because my flatmate is scared of fish!!! :(

  4. Hello Maximus! I am pleased to meet your aquaintance dear sir *Shakes fin*