Saturday, May 25, 2013


1. mother's day plants.
2. coming back from my abuelita's with flowers for my mom.
3. mother's day brunch.
4. flowers from work on my loft's windowsill.

even though i've been done with my thesis, it seems that life has not slowed down for me yet. i still haven't fixed my resume so i can start applying for jobs. i'm just shaking my head reading that.

i graduate tonight with a party tomorrow night. it's crazy to think about. i am graduating with a master's degree in sociology.

i've been having a really nice time with my sister visiting. i've missed her.

i just came back from a crazy adventure of traveling to & from atlanta for my friend raymond's graduation. we used to play dress-up & video games together.

i just feel...tired. & i can't tell you how much miguel is feeling more & more like home to me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

i'm finished

 i completed my thesis! it is finished. i am so relieved. it turned out to be 95 pages & over 24,000 words. my thesis was about building relationships online that turn into a community. in a year it will be bound complete with a green cover & placed along side all of the other theses in the lower level of the university library. i'm so happy it is finished. it feels so strange too! like i never have to go to school again if i want. (may get a phd sometime, but not now)

all i have to do now is find a job. which is a scary thought. i don't want to be discouraged.

but first i have to fix up my resume. anyone know of a good website for that?

i thought i would have more time since my thesis was turned in, but it is completely opposite! there were so many things i kept putting off because i was working on my thesis & now i have to work on all of the things i kept putting off. oh well.

i hope to be blogging more often now. i'm off to pennsylvania tomorrow & then a road trip to georgia for a graduation. busy life i lead.